HCA Healthcare says, “We CAN!”

One voice can make a difference. Joy Howard, an East CAN adoptive mom, volunteer and trainer in HCA Healthcare’s Learning Solutions department, delivered on that promise this month.  This fall, Joy nominated East CAN to receive a pro bono “explainer video,” from her HCA work division as part of their annual Caring for the Community Day.  The result is here!  A beautiful, engaging video guiding viewers through East CAN’s powerful origin story in 2008 up to our vital service to the dogs and humans of East Nashville today.

As an East CAN helper, delivering and picking up dogs for appointments and other necessary trips, Joy was already a valuable volunteer for our organization.  So, when the opportunity arose for her to brag on us at work, she did so with gusto!  Her coworkers agreed and we were one of six Nashville-area 501(c)3 organizations selected by HCA’s department of Learning Solutions to receive a professionally-produced multi-media presentation, supporting our mission and outreach.

Team Lead Ted Nunes directed four full-time members of the department through the multi-step process — from initial consultations with the organization and compilation of images/logos/videos through script writing, voice and audio recording and editing.  This dedicated HCA team logged 23 work hours to share East CAN’s unique story!  All paid for by HCA, evidence of their “Caring for the Community” corporate culture.

“This company truly nurtures volunteering and community service,” explained Deanna Ooley, Instructional Designer and HCA coordinator for this year’s explainer video project.  Last year, her first week on the job, her first assignment was working one of the three videos created for Nashville organizations in 2019 (HCA’s first year of the Explainer Video Program).   The program is returning next year and for years to come, because as Ooley expressed it, “As a department we are using company resources to do something for the community that we couldn’t do as individuals.”

Sounds a LOT like East CAN, don’t you think?  The video is housed on the East CAN website’s ABOUT page and on YouTube.