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East CAN Agreement

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Advertise the foster dog as much as possible to promote finding a forever home; provide opportunities to show the dog to potential adopters; provide crate, food, vetting, medications; provide assistance with training when requested; help find alternative care when you are out of town; oversee that the dog is adopted responsibly.

Guarantee a time-line for adoption; take responsibility for damage done to persons or property; take the dog back without sufficient notice and time to arrange another suitable foster (unless there is a dangerous situation).

Provide a safe, loving, humane environment with adequate food, water and shelter at all times; insist on training and good behavior; provide an environment where my foster dog gets disciplined exercise; as the dog is ready for the experience, expose the dog to the public; maintain any medication schedule(s); keep the dog secure and ensure that my foster is always wearing identification; supervise any interactions between the foster dog and other dogs and interactions between the foster dog and children.

Give the foster dog to a new home without consulting and approval from East CAN; expect East CAN to pay for veterinary services about which they have not been consulted and approved; perform any veterinary treatment on my own without consulting East CAN or a veterinary professional; bring the dog out in public before it is ready or in situations where it might cause a significant disturbance.


Most East CAN-sponsored dogs are strays rescued directly from the street and into foster homes. These dogs have not seen a veterinarian yet (unless emergency care is necessary), and their temperament has not been fully assessed. With that said, a trip to see a veterinary professional will be one of the first steps to be taken, and we will ask for your assistance when making the appointment.

If you have other adult animals in your household and they are up-to-date on their vaccinations and preventatives (yearly boosters, rabies, heartworm and flea/tick), they are typically safe from common dog ailments. However, diseases can be transmitted between animals if they are exposed to each other’s saliva, blood, urine or feces.

Dogs fresh off the street are also typically “shell-shocked.” While most dogs are delighted to be off the streets, some react to their new surroundings with fear, lethargy or even agitation. We insist that any new dog be crated when not supervised to reduce risk to other animals and property.

When you first welcome an East CAN foster dog into your home, it is critical that you keep him/her separate from other animals until the time is more appropriate. This separation includes bowls, toys and potty areas. East CAN will provide you with a crate, collar and leash, but can also provide a baby gate(s) and a tie-out if you desire. If you suspect that your personal dog’s health has been adversely affected by an East CAN foster dog, please notify us immediately.

By entering my full name below, I acknowledge that the information provided on this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. If at any time the information I have provided changes, I will provide the updated information to the East CAN Foster Care Program.