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meatball7 Meatball is a lady’s man and a guy’s guy. He loves humans big and small, and he LOVES having a doggy companion. He’s currently being fostered in a home with a pittie brother and a German Shepherd sister. His past roommates include a chihuahua and both male and female pitties. He loves nothing more than being included. Whether you’re going to a dog-friendly patio bar/restaurant or coffee shop, running errands in the car, or going for a hike, he is the perfectly behaved little gentleman. He is the ideal take-your-dog-to-work dog and is looking for his forever home. Meatball has a moderate to low energy level, meaning he loves hikes and running around in the backyard, but he can also hang quietly at Drifter’s for some live music. Meatball isn’t bothered by loud noises or thunderstorms and could very easily be trained as a companion animal (*what is the right word for that?). He is a very special boy and deserves a special home with owners who will continue to give him the leadership he thrives on. Meet Meatball


timmy5 Timmy’s mom was elderly had go into hospital and couldn’t care for him. Family reached out to East CAN to take care of him and find him a new home. He is a handsome min-pin, approx. 10lbs and 10+ years old. Timmy is in good “functional” health, has a very healthy appetite (loves carrots!). He has an endearingly confident and stubborn spirit. He is potty trained and will ask to go out when he needs to go. He is very cooperative with daily medications that are successfully managing his diabetes and enzyme insufficiencies in his liver and pancreas. He is not a licker or an up in your face snuggler, but he enjoys lying next to you while you watch tv on the couch or in the bed. Timmy gets along well with children, and we think he would be happiest as the only dog in the house with a person who is retired or works from home. For inquiries or meetings please contact Meet Timmy

*Abaigeal, C.S. Lewis, and Mahoney*

Abaigeal, C.S. Lewis, Mahoney Dear Dog People, In late August I will be moving to New York City to work for an International Student Ministry and to attend seminary. The housing provided for me, my schedule, and the city itself does not allow for me to care well for my pooches there. I am looking for a new home for these amazing animals. They are very well behaved, loving, and quite social with humans and other dogs. I’ve attached a photo (from their first album cover). Their names from left to right are Abaigeal (Pit, age 6), C.S. Lewis (Jack Russell, age 10) and Mahoney (Husky/Lab, age 10). As you can see in the second photo, C.S. Lewis does have a gambling “issue”. The plus side is that he is quite good at it and is willing to do a 60/40 split with his new owners, provided they host a “game night once a week. FYI, Abaigeal (Pit) had a stroke about 4 months ago but her vet feels she is recuperating well. She is not on any medication and eats well. Her balance is still a little off at times but even that is improving weekly. I am prepared to be financially responsible for the dogs in their new home. I know caring for dogs is not cheap and I would be very grateful to know they are in a good home. I will be happy to discuss monetary support with anyone who is interested. Thank you for your help! All my best, Jeff Meet *Abaigeal, C.S. Lewis, and Mahoney*


pete1 Pete found a home in July, his second hand off since being adopted out of the shelter but this owner isn’t able to keep his commitment due to his job. The first owner was elderly and though his intentions were good he wasn’t physically able to give Pete what he needed. We don’t want Pete to go back to the shelter, please help us find him a great new forever home. Pete is neutered, house trained, crate trained, microchipped, & fully vaccinated. He’s smart, eager to please, dog friendly, & loves all people. Due to his size and puppy enthusiasm Pete won’t be great with little kids until he is a bit more mature and gets used to a regular routine with exercise and boundaries. He does calm down after a few mins of meeting new people & does great, sleeps hours at a time.  He is a chewer, but is only a year old so, like any puppy he needs to be crated when unsupervised and given appropriate dog toys to keep himself safely entertained. Pete is as sweet as can be, easy to love, and deserves a great forever home. Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more about Pete. There will be an application, reference checks, home visit and nominal rehoming fee for Pete. Thank you for considering a rescue dog. Meet *Pete*


Henry was a little lost Yorkie boy found by a caring neighbor who continues to foster him until his forever home is found. He’s 12 years old but still has lots of years to go! Sometimes Yorkies have tooth issues so Henry has had tooth surgery and now eats soft food. He’s healthy and happy and loves to be held or to walk with you on his leash. He’s a MIGHTY DOG! If you’d like to meet Henry, send an email to for an introduction. Meet Henry


image003 Hey Everyone! He’s 70lbs of goofball and sweet pea all rolled into one big RIO GRAND! Rio is a great boy who wants to please and be by your side whether you are inside or outside. He’s about 7 years old and fully vetted. Rio’s energy level would make him a good hiking or running partner and he is GREAT on a leash, but he also loves to veg out in a sunny spot and snore for hours if you are too busy to play. House trained, crate trained, car trained, very social with other dogs if they want to be social with him, especially little ones. He would make a great big brother or occasional baby sitter for another dog. Contact if you’d like to meet Rio. Meet Rio


calla1 Calla is a two year old pittie mix. She’s approximately 50lbs. Calla prefers to be active, enjoying walks around the neighborhood, or hikes on Nashville’s best trails! She is the perfect running partner if you are training for a race, or hiking partner if you prefer adventures. She is a great shotgun rider, and likes to frequent coffee shop patios and is a great shopping partner at PetSmart and Home Depot. Calla gets along well with other dogs, though her bubbly/ energetic personality may need to be corrected when first meeting new friends. Calla plays hard and rests hard, being a master cuddler for an afternoon of binge watching your favorite tv shows. She may still be energetic and too playful for little kids and we aren’t sure about her level of fondness for cats. She is good with other dogs. Meet Calla


loretta2 Sweet Loretta Lynn hasn’t had the easiest life, but you’d never know it judging by her calm and laid back disposition. She is approx.. 5 years old and 45lbs. In a past life she was an outside dog used for breeding but now she is getting used to kindness and being a loved and cared for inside pet. She is very polite inside, doesn’t like to be on furniture, loves her dog bed, doesn’t jump on people, is crate trained and would probably love a little buddy but not cats. Gorgeous Loretta Lynn is low key and would make a great partner to pal around with. She doesn’t need or want much other than your affection and Loretta is already fixed and vaccinated. Meet Loretta


tiger1 In East Nashville, most of us have known someone forced out of their home by the widespread gentrification in the area, but what is lesser known is the degree to which pets are victims of gentrification. Tiger is a Treeing Tennessee Brindle dog, who like his owner, lost his home in East Nashville when it was sold out from under him. The owner couldn’t take Tiger with him to his new home, so he had no choice but to take him to Metro Animal Control. As an older (9-10 years old), a neighbor feared Tiger would not make it to the adoption floor and be put down. Knowing what a sweet and good boy Tiger is, the neighbor offered to let the dog stay with him temporarily. Tiger has not had the best living conditions in his lifetime. He was considered a watchdog and spent all his time outdoors, mostly in a pen. He slept in a doghouse, no matter the weather. Since he began fostering Tiger, the neighbor has learned a lot more about him. First of all, he is good with other dogs. There has not been a single instance in which Tiger responded inappropriately with another dog. Unfortunately his brother and play mate died recently and he misses him. He also seems to be okay with cats, he has learned the cat is part of the household and has been totally chill with him. Tiger also seems to know the basic commands — he definitely knows sit and stay. And although he has little to no experience with it, Tiger knows how to walk with a leash. He does pull some, so he will need some work on that. He loves tennis balls — he may never have had one before. He loves to play fetch, and he loves to play catch, but he also loves to chew on tennis balls and is a bit of a ball hoarder. Another thing Tiger loves is sleeping on a sofa. He’s been making up nine years’ worth of sofa time. With the help of East CAN Tiger has been neutered and received all his vaccinations. In addition, he was tested for heart worms, and unfortunately the test was positive, so he does need to receive treatment for that and we are attempting to raise money for that, $700-$1,000. If you are interested in meeting Tiger please contact Meet Tiger


abby1 Abby is a sweet dog that loves to be loved. She is 9 years old and part Jack Russell Terrier with a lot of energy and life in her. She is a medium sized dog weighing approximately 25 lbs. She enjoys running in open fields and being outside. Abby is well trained on a leash and knows what time it is the minute she sees you pick you up. She is also capable of running/walking without the leash and comes when called. In her free time of not running around and chasing squirrels, she loves to lounge in the sun or curl up by you and snooze. Abby is housebroken, recently had shots, spayed and completely healthy. She would fit best with someone who enjoys being outdoors and going on walks along with a household with no children. Abby has always been the only dog and would be best if that remained. Overall she is a sweet, loving, bubbly girl who just needs someone who can give her the love and attention she needs. For information email Kristen at Meet *Abby*

*Lanny and Jovi*

Lanny&Jovi Meet Lanny the heartbreaker. He LOVES everyone, plays fetch on command, follows us everywhere. He’s basically a dog. He’s great with cats, humans and children. We haven’t had him interact with dogs, but we’re sure he’d love them too. He wins for most sociable cat ever. He is on a strict diet of Urinary S/O wetfood and Clomicalm medication. This is to prevent urinary tract/bladder problems. He gets VERY excited about his food. And you can call his name and he’ll run to you anytime. *12.5 lbs/Orange Tabby/2 years old Meet Jovi, the bobtailed sweetheart. She is gentle, kind, and more reserved than her adopted brother Lanny, so it may take her a little while to warm up to other cats and humans. After a day or two, she’s very sociable too. She hasn’t been around any dogs either, so we don’t know how she’s feel about that. She loves cuddle time and she’ll fetch once in a while when Lanny isn’t paying attention. *10.5 lbs/Bobtail Grey Tabby/4 years old Thank you, Howard 315.267.6287 Meet *Lanny and Jovi*


Ciaran 2 In need of a new home, Ciaran (Pronounced like the Japanese beer Kiran. The name is Gaelic for “Little Dark One”) He’s about 20-22 months old, Lab/Great Dane mix, 75ish lbs. Very friendly!!!. Likes everyone, especially kids. Likes other dogs, just nervous the first time he meets them, so introductions may take a few minutes and need to be done appropriately. On walks he does get excited when he sees a dog and starts pulling and barking, but I’m sure that could be worked on. He’s never been around cats. I think he would do great with: A family with kids, An active single or couple who would wanna take him hiking or running. If someone has another dog, he shouldn’t have any trouble getting in to the mix, maybe a bigger dog is better from him, since he likes to play. The people who fostered him, used to take him canoeing and hiking as a pup. He can & does jump a 4 foot fence to go say hi to dogs walking by, but don’t think he’d be able to get over a privacy fence. Overall health is good, only issue he has, is an underdeveloped lower jaw, so he’s got a big overbite. The vet called it “Parrot Jaw”, but it looks like it won’t be a problem, since his last visit the vet said it looked like it his lower canines aren’t hitting the roof of his mouth. I do feel it’s best to re-home him, since my smaller female dog has gone after him a few times, and she just doesn’t like having another dog in the house, all the time. He really has the temperament of a Lab. Please contact me directly if you are interested in meeting him. Patrick Meet *Ciaran*


charlie1 Hi! My name is Wilbur Charles (a.k.a. Charlie) and I was recently rescued from a bad situation where I lived outside night and day and could only move around in a small circle because my tether was so short. When they found me, the people who used to own me had already moved and left me behind with no food or water… I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. Now that I’ve been rescued and I can see that humans can be nice enough to feed me and give me a comfy and safe place to sleep, I am beyond grateful!!! All I want is to be loved on and I gladly give lots of hugs and kisses! I like hanging out with my new friend Elvis who is showing me how to play and feel free again. I’m not sure how I feel about cats yet. Since I never knew any in my old life, I kind of think they look like toys!  I have some catching up to do to fill my love well up! Really, all I want is love- lots of love! If you’d like to meet Charlie please email to set up a meet and greet!


dani2 Dani is around 18 mo old. She is spayed, house broken, crate trained and gets along well with people and other pets. Super loving and good natured. Her shots are also all up to date. Meet *Dani*

*Bart and Georgie*

bg1 Hi! This is Bart and Georgie. These beautiful, sweet kitties need a loving, responsible furever home with a person/people that they can call their very own. They are healthy, playful and very affectionate. Bart likes to be held and is a lap cat. Georgie loves to be petted and is always interested in the business of the day. They both like to stay close by and hang out with their people. They were rescued from outdoors. Now they are primarily indoor cats with limited access to the outdoors. They love to sit on the stoop and enjoy the fresh air. They are: Approx. 2 yrs. old, neutered/spayed, up to date on all vaccines, FIV/FeLeuk Negative, microchipped and litter trained. Their foster family is truly in love with them but their pet quota is full. It is only fair that these two have a family of their own. They are a wonderful pair and it would be nice to see them go to the same home. However, separate adoption is a possibility. If you would like to meet these sweeties, please: text/call – 615 574-9086 or email – Meet *Bart and Georgie*


Hi my name is Charley. I am a one year old mixed breed lap dog (even though I weigh about 40 pounds). I am neutered current on all shots have been to pet smart training class. I love big dogs but really don’t care for little dogs Because I was born in a dump and left by the interstate I am very nervous about new situations once I warm up to you I am your best friend. My mom loves me very much but since my lab sister has passed away I am lonely and need more attention than she can give me please give me a chance to be your new buddy. Contact Julia if you’d like to meet Charley! (615) 653-7270 Meet *Charley*


Buddy was found in a local apartment complex and never claimed. His foster has been caring for him and says he’s a pretty great little fellow! He says he’s an excellent companion that is dog social, but is not a fan of cats. He’s pretty small since he’s a miniature pinscher. Please contact Ray if you’re interested in meeting Buddy. (615) 545-7852 Meet *Buddy*


Tank was found at Shelby Park in early December, and has been the perfect house guest since. He gets along with all dogs and loves playtime at the dog park and snuggles with his foster sister Rigby at home. He is a big 60 pound baby with a heart of gold and body full of energy! Tank knows basic commands and is house and crate trained. He loves bones and snuggles, is scared of squeaky toys, and is currently working on his leash manners and manners when greeting folks at the door. Tank would be an incredible addition to an active home, he loves children but due to his exuberance he would be best with older kids. If you would like to meet Tank, send an email to Georgia at Meet *Tank*


Petite and sweet Violet Violet is a smart, loving dog with a lot of character!  She is a 3.5 year old, 45lb mix breed with a sweet, loving energy! Violet gets along with other dogs and this sweet girl loves people attention!  She loves a good walk, laying on the deck, and cuddling.  Violet would be best in a home with a job, she is smart and would be excited to learn new things.  Violet is housebroken, up-to-date on all shots, has full medical records, and is spayed.  To make this smart, playful, sweet girl your own, please email with the subject line “Violet.” Meet *Violet*


German Shepherd dog Meet Rex! He’s a gorgeous German Shepherd (with a touch of mystery mutt) who was found in East Nashville and rescued by a good samaritan. Our wonderful friends at Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue have taken Rex in and had him fully vetted and treated for heart worm. Rex has that so very Shepherd look of concern on his face that makes you fall in love. Rex would do best in a home with someone experienced with Shepherds and who can be a good leader for him.  Email:   Phone:  615.218.6478 Meet *Rex*


REba2 Meet R eba!  This medium-sized love-bug (25 – 30 lbs & about 8 years old) just loves to be around her people!  Reba loves to get out and have some exercise and when walked regularly she can be a great apartment dog!  Reba doesn’t love cats so she’ll do best in a home without them.  While Reba gets along great with one of her current doggie siblings, she doesn’t get along with the other.  Therefore, Reba is also not recommended for a home with other dogs or small children.  Reba loves people and does great in the car, on leash, and in the bath.  She will bark to let you know when she is unhappy (typically when she is separated from her people).  This cuddly girl is goofy, active, and wants your attention at all times.  While she can be anxious in some situations, she looks to her person for guidance and to build her confidence.  Reba is spayed, up-to-date on all vaccines and heartworm/flea/tick prevention.  Please contact Matt at to meet Reba!   Meet *Reba*


IMG_1726 Honey is a delightful, fun-loving, extremely intelligent small female terrier mix. She doesn’t let her lack of hearing get in the way – Honey will charm you with her willingness to learn and has been quick to pick up on hand signals. Honey is spayed, microchipped, heartworm free and has had all her shots. She loves to play with other dogs and gets along with cats. Honey is about a year old, 21 lbs, house and kennel trained. Honey’s forever family should have a 6 ft. privacy fence as she’s quite an agile jumper and time to exercise her as she’s an active girl. Honey is at Hairy Moose rescue in Gallatin, TN. Send an email to if you’d like to meet her! Meet *Honey*


uno Ali was found in a dumpster with another tiny puppy in freezing temperatures. He had no hair, was in pain from his inflamed skin, and was emaciated. He got his name because while we weren’t sure how good his chances of survival, this puppy is a fighter and overcame all odds, like Muhammed Ali. After a few months of medical care, you’d never know this puppy knew anything but love and fun. He’s very smart, very social, and very sweet. This is the dog who deserves his own Instagram account; everything he does is hilarious or adorable. He loves every person and every animal he meets. He is a very mixed breed (and was found with a Brussels Griffon, so we are assuming small breed puppy mill dump), but is still very small for 4 months old, so he likely won’t be a big dog when fully grown (40-55lbs). Ali is an amazing dog who will absolutely make your day, every day. He is fully vaccinated/fixed/chipped.  To request an application to meet Ali, please email


IMG_1908 Bessie is a snuffly Bulldog mix girl who is a roly poly nugget of love! BEWARE! She snores! But you just can’t help but love it and her. She’s about 3 years old spayed and up to date on shots. If you’re a bulldog lover, you must meet this girl! Email us at if you’d like to meet her.


mattise1 Matisse, affectionately known as Mattie, is the largest girl out of the Painter Pups. She’s four months old, is a shep/husky/retriever mix and is sweet as can be, although she’s a little shy. However, she warms up quickly! Matisse loves to play with her buddy, an 80 lb. Rottie mix named Scooby, go for walks in the park or around the neighborhood, and take naps next to your chair while you’re reading. She loves being with her people and she can do it all! Matisse is being crate trained and she’s doing really well on the leash. Mattie has all her puppy shots, is microchipped and has a clear bill of health. She will be spayed in July (we fix at 5 months) and will probably be 50-60 lbs. when fully grown. The adoption fee is $125. An application **is required** to meet Matisse.  Email her foster and coordinator Anna at


ruby1 Ruby is as fun as she is chill.  She has lived across the country from California to Texas and now  the lovely state of Tennessee, which has been her favorite so far.  She is the ripe age of about 9 with so much more life to give, some might say she is ageless with the wisdom to boot.  Ruby was a rescue 8 years ago with only one dream, to Love and be Loved in return.  She’s an only child with a full heart to love her owners and protect her home.  She may not be great with most pets or kids, but who can blame her when she’s been the main focus her whole life.  She loves walks, but is also completely content with chilling in some sweet shade in the back yard.  Her passion is keeping critters out of her domain, so you don’t have to worry about them getting your veggies. She is a snuggle bug and bed hog if you let her, but she is also great at adapting to whatever you prefer when it comes to house rules, what can i say she is a people pleaser.  She is house, leash, and crate trained, and is the happiest and sweetest ball of fun. Contact Rebecca  310-663-0634 Meet *Ruby*


jazzy chi2 Courtesy post for a loving dog-mom, Beth. Beth was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and her health has begun to decline such that she is not able to care for her dog Jazzy. Jazzy is approximately 2 years old and weighs 6 pounds. She is a mix of Chihuahua and something else, but mostly Chihuahua. She is very energetic and loves to play. She is kennel trained and pee pad trained but she is not potty trained. Beth wants the best for Jazzy and would like to find her a loving home. Send an email to if you’d like to meet Jazzy.


gwennie1 Gwennie a very sweet and petite beagle mix. She’s about 5 or 6 years old and with an endearing spunkiness to her personality. She’s great on the leash and has lovely house manners. Her favorite napping spot is either sprawled in the sun or completely submerged under her blanket, being too adorable when she pokes her head out in the morning. She loves meeting new people and is very eager to please. Email us at if you’d like to meet little Gwennie.


IMG_0743 Stanley is a handsome 15-year-old Labrador mix with a lovely disposition. He is in very good health and up to date on his immunizations and heartworm meds. He has standard old man issues, hard of hearing, fuzzy eyesight, yet often he still acts like a puppy. He enjoys long walks and long naps. Recently, his human mother passed away and we are trying to find a loving home for this sweet boy, to live out the remainder of his days in comfort. Stanley has excellent indoor manners. Mostly he wants to lounge on his bed when in the house. He is completely housebroken, not destructive indoors at all and shows absolutely no food aggression. He was raised in a house with cats but it has been six years since he has lived with a feline. Given his gentle nature it is safe to assume that he would be just fine in a home with cats. When he is outdoors he still has a lot of life and he plays enthusiastically with his adopted brother Jack. Stanley’s leash manners are fair but improving. When taken to the dog park he shows no sign of aggression towards other dogs. Stanley and Jack are entirely pair bonded and it would be preferable if they could find a home together. Given the grief that they have experienced by losing their human, it would be so kind if someone would consider taking both Jack and Stanley into their home.


IMG_0746 Jack is a mutt of uncertain lineage. He is 8 years old and in excellent health. He is extremely smart, learns commands quickly, aims to please and is an all around great dog. He is up to date on all his shots and heartworm meds. Like his brother Stanley, he has excellent indoor manners, is housebroken and not destructive. Outdoors Jack is rambunctious and quite a character. He has personality galore. He is a strong dog and his leash manners are improving by leaps and bounds. He has protective instincts that would make him a terrific family dog. Jack responds very well to corrections and calms down when told to. Jack shows no food aggression. He plays enthusiastically with his brother Stanley. When not playing, they cuddle up together on their shared bed. Jack has never lived with cats so it is unknown how he would react to a home with felines. When their human mother died, Jack spent two weeks licking and comforting his brother Stanley who was grieving intensely. During those two weeks in a foster home he learned four sign language commands. He is a joyful, playful, sensitive and highly intelligent dog. Jack would do best if he could stay with his brother Stanley. He is a resilient dog so it is our belief that he will adapt when inevitably he has to face the loss of his 15-year-old brother.


IMG_7792 Oliver is a 7 month old, 18 pound Beagle, Corgi, Jack Russell mix. He is a sweet, playful, and funny guy. He enjoys treats, chewing on toys, and playing with other dogs. He is neutered and knows basic commands like “come”, and “sit”. Oliver is an owner surrender and is currently being fostered. He would do well in a home with another playful dog like himself or just some humans to snuggle with! He is still a puppy, so is continuing to learn not to jump or nibble. He’s working on this in his foster home! He is being treated with antibiotics for a skin condition and should be fully recovered soon. He will need some medical care once adopted. The infection is not contagious and fairly common. Contact: Maddie Moore/


Meet Ruby! She’s 60 pounds of fluffy love who is very calm but still loves a visit to the dog park and can show off her goofy side. Ruby is about 2 – 3 years old we think and has been spayed as well as had all of her shots. Ruby is with her finder who has a dog that doesn’t love having her around. Ruby is good with other dogs, has been around children a little bit and hasn’t been around cats but doesn’t really have a high prey drive. Ruby came to an event with us recently and was absolutely AMAZING!!! So well behaved and calm even with lots of dogs and activity around her! If you’d like to meet Ruby please send an email to


20160119_212739~2 Hey y’all my name is Pace! I’m about seven months old and looking for a place to call home. I’m very playful, friendly (with humans and K-9’s), and great at the dog park. At home I enjoy laying down with a bone for long periods, but can also be very affectionate. I know how to sit, stay, and lay down, and even a bit of fetch! I walk just fine on a leash (I’m learning more everyday), but if you stand on a skateboard and say “go get em” I’ll pull you as fast as I can. I just got all of my shots, a microchip, and I got fixed. Not to mention I’m house trained! Anyway thanks for reading, and I look forward to meeting you and yours.  -Pace  To meet Pace send an email to


foxi3 No one can resist a Foxy lady. This girl has all of the looks and none of the attitude. She is super easy going. If you want to go for a walk in the beautiful weather, she is happy to trot along beside you. If you are not feeling so well, she will lay under the bed all day quietly. If you want to hang out in the backyard with friends and their pups, she’s up for that too because she gets along great with all other dogs. She is not so friendly with cats though. Foxy spent the first 5(ish) years of her life in a backyard on a chain so now she is ready to enjoy the rest of her years learning to live the good life with her easy, carefree attitude. She is crate trained, but doesn’t require it as she doesn’t bother anything in the house when her people are away. She weighs about 40 pounds. Foxy would make a wonderful companion for any individual or family. If you are interested in meeting this fabulous dog, email her coordinator Megan at


hopper Hi! I’m Hopper of the Painter Pups! I’m three months old and am looking for my forever family. I’m currently staying with a family that has a three year old boy I like to play with, a Labrador Retriever I like to cuddle up to, and a house cat that won’t let me love on her but, oh how I want to. I like to take my daily walk and my foster mom says I’m doing a great job on the leash even though sometimes I forget it’s attached to me. I know how to go to the door when I have to go potty but sometimes I’ll forget and have an accident but I am trying so very hard. I like my crate where I sleep(and hide my favorite toys) I also stay there when my foster Mom and Dad have to go to work. I like to play catch and even know how to bring the ball back something my Daddy who is a Retriever taught me to do. My Mommy is a Husky/Shepard and she taught me how much fun it is to play in water. I think digging in my water dish is a hoot and comes a close second to the little pool I get to splash around in. I hear that I’m pretty smart and catch on quickly to commands too. Which is great for me because I Iove all the treats that come my way. My favorite sound is the ice machine, I always get one of those yummies!     I would really like a family that likes to be outside in the sunshine (or the rain!). I would also like a family that can comfort me when I hear scary noises, that will let me lay on their feet(better yet in their lap) when I need a safe place to nap. Someone who will take me to new exciting places with people who will say “what a pretty dog” some more. And most importantly, someone who will love me forever, let me always be by them and give me lots of those yummy treats. Please, oh, please let me be your forever “good girl” **Hopper has had all her puppy boosters and will receive her yearly vaccines and chip before the second week in June. She will be spayed in July (we fix at 5 months). She will likely be 55-60lbs when full grown. The adoption fee is $125, and an application is required to meet Hopper. Email volunteer Callie at to request an application.


warhol Warhol is one of the much sought-after Painter Pups. Named for painters who exude charisma and character, these shep/husky/retriever mixes are everything you want in a dog: loving, smart, loyal, social and SO MUCH FUN! Everywhere he goes he gets lots of attention for his sweet demeanor and beautiful golden coat. He is crate and house trained, and now that he has had his puppy boosters, he is working hard on leash training. He loves running zoomies in the grass, frolicking in water, and sleeping in your arms after a play date. He has been to several festivals and local patios, and he is always very well behaved. Of course, he’s still a puppy, so his potential family should expect to continue training and plan to give him lots of exercise so he can become an amazing adult dog. He is great with other dogs, cats, and kids. He will be fully vaccinated and fixed by the first week in June, and he is available for adoption now. He will likely be 55-60lbs when full grown. The adoption fee is $125. An application is required to meet Warhol, so please email volunteer Callie at to request an application.


bisou2 Bisou is French for “kiss,” which is what you’ll get from this sweet girl. She is a big dog in a little dog’s body; she loves to go on walks, and is in very good shape. She walks with her foster’s dogs on long walks or on difficult hikes, and she keeps up with no problem! She is good with other dogs, and will cuddle and play for hours. She would be fine with kids and cats as well. She is about 7lbs and 2 years old and is fully house and leash trained. She can be crated but this little lady doesn’t need to be; she’s perfectly content to snooze in her bed while you’re away. She likes to go on adventures and is really an ideal dog. She’s as cute and sweet as she is smart and loving. She is fixed, chipped, and up to date on vaccinations. Email to set up a meet and greet with Bisou today!


cali5 Just like the California landscape is varied and magnificent, as is this multi-faceted pup, hence her name. She plays like a dog training for the Idtiarod, she cuddles like she’ll never see you again, she sleeps like your uncle Bud after Thanksgiving dinner. She is bright, fun, and very trainable. She enjoys a good hike, laying in the sun, playing with other dogs, and doing multiple yoga poses after she wakes up while making the cutest-ever noises while yawning. She is fine with cats and kids. Of course, given her energy level and the continued training puppies need, a family who has the time to devote to helping her develop into an amazing adult dog is necessary. If you are looking for a playmate for your current dog, Cali should be at the top of your list. She is currently living with small puppies, big dogs, and a old crotchety schnauzer, all to whom she is sweet and respectful. She’s been exposed to a variety of situations, as well as being crate, leash, and potty trained. Cali is stunningly gorgeous at 5 months old, and will be fully vetted by January 2016. She will likely be a lean dog, but could be around 60lbs when full grown. Email with your completed application or to request and application and set up a meet and greet!


abenew The first thing you will notice about Abe is his size, roughly 100 lbs! The next thing that stands out about this handsome boy is his gentle nature. Abe is an approximately 7 year old Rottie mix.  He is fully vetted with a microchip. Abe is eager to please, following the commands, sit, lay down and stay.  When he is comfortable, he loves to roll over on his back and recieve big belly rubs!  He is relatively new to living in a house, so he  needs reminders when it comes to furniture and trash cans. Abe loves to show off his fetch skills, but needs a little work on the “drop” command…..he thinks we  mean to drop himself and will plop to the ground with the ball in his mouth! Abe gets along with other larger dogs, after a proper introduction.  Abe is gentle with children, but needs reminders to resist giving kisses.  Abe loves the outdoors, so would best thrive in a house with a yard, perfect for sunbathing. Abe is doing a great job learning how to walk on a leash, though his size makes it easy for him to pull. He is very responsive to corrections.  Abe loves to get out for walks around the neighborhood, and does best with shorter walks, he has a lot of weight to carry!  


red3 Meet RED. He’s an Australian Cattle Dog; a beautiful Red Heeler! Cattle dogs are ranked among the most intelligent and trainable dogs. They are also known for being affectionate and forming close bonds which his finder and foster have already experienced those traits in Red. He is fully grown at approximately 1 ½ years old and roughly 45 pounds. He was found on a stormy night in Nashville soaking wet and in traffic on Gallatin. The next day, the caring neighbor who took him in that night found that the owner did not want him back. Red is housebroken, good in the car, up-to-date on shots and microchipped. He simply wants to hang out with you, and is happy to greet everyone he meets! He’s not affected by barking dogs on the other side of a fence or on his walks. We understand that his past living circumstance may have left him feeling insecure as Red has a little separation anxiety in that he sometimes barks when left alone in the house. A little patience and kindness with training a rescue dog is monumental in helping them finally feel secure in a home and part of a family! Cattle dogs have natural tendencies to have a level of independence so, we feel confident that super sweet Red just needs someone willing to help him settle right into the good life! If interested in meeting Red, contact


IMG_1838 Bowie is a very chill and happy fellow. He loves to play fetch and to chase pointer lasers in the yard at night. He’s great with kids and even kitties, once he knows they belong to the household pack. He likes running with his human and snuggle time on the couch, if that’s allowed of course. Bowie aims to please and weighing in at 45lbs-ish, we suspect he is approx.. 2-3 years old. Bowie will prefer to have playmates at the house (other dogs or kids) and he would very much like a fenced yard. Fully vetted Bowie is healthy and ready for his forever home. Email us at to get more info or meet Bowie.

Demetri Padfoot

image2 Demetri Padfoot is an incredible mutt, full of so much love and personality! He may be around 10 years old, but you would never know it; he is extremely spry and active! Demetri is an adventurer at heart– he has gone on many long hikes and loves to go camping, backpacking, and on any kind of car-riding adventure. Swimming is one of his favorite things in the world. It is one of the only times you’ll ever get him to fetch! Demetri loves people; he’d rather sit and bask in their attention than play with other dogs, especially when they scratch his foot-stomping special spot in the middle of his chest. That being said, he is so friendly with other dogs! Demetri has lived for years with a kitten and gotten along swimmingly. He is also good with babies and small children who poke and prod; he just loves the attention and is sweet with them. Demetri is always a trooper, always affectionate, and has a good spirit overall. He is a very good listener and he knows many tricks and commands. Loud noises and thunder scare him, but if he cuddles up close, he feels so much better. Demetri only barks when there may be cause for alarm, like when there’s someone at the door or right outside. He got an ‘all clear’ from the vet two months ago, is up to date on all of his shots, and takes his heart worm meds regularly. He weighs 46 pounds and is neutered. Demetri’s current owners have sadly and reluctantly decided that they are no longer able to give him the attention he so earnestly desires and deserves. They rescued him when he was about 6 years old and know that Demetri adjusts to change very well, so there should not be any adjustment issues. If you’re looking for someone to love – you’ve found him!


unspecified-14 Meet Conley.  He is a 3 month old Doberman mix who will stay quite small in stature, but big in personality. Conley was found at a Dollar General Parking lot drinking out of a water puddle. Conley has shown nothing but the best manners. He can sit or dance for a treat, and is pretty well potty and crate trained. He picks up new tricks within minutes. He is dog friendly and loves people, including children. Conley is a people pleaser and will not stop kissing you until you smile.  Playing and creating new games are his favorite pastimes.  He still has plenty of puppy energy, but enjoys his naps and bedtime.  If you want to watch a movie and have a cute puppy snuggle you, Conley is your guy.  E-mail us at to meet Conley.


vega4 Meet Vega. When you see her, you’ll notice her beautiful eyes that glow in contrast to her silky black coat. She has a heart as golden as her eyes; just being in her presence is calming and comforting. Had a bad day at work? Vega will make you feel better. Need to get out and feel the sun on your face and breathe some country air? Vega wants to go with you. Have friends with a dog that likes to play? Vega will be that dog’s new bestie. Want to lay around all day and not do anything? Vega wants that, too. This dog was an owner surrender and wasn’t given much in the way of attention or training for most of the 3 1/2 years of this Shep/Collie mix’s life, save for the visits of a caring neighbor, who also got her fully vaccinated and fixed and on monthly flea/heart worm prevention. You would never know she has only been in training for a month. Vega is amazing on the leash, in a crate, and is now housebroken. Rather than hold a grudge for the attention she didn’t receive, Vega is one of the most willing, adaptable, innately sweet dogs we’ve met. She is a pleasure to have around and will be an amazing companion for you and your family (be that made of other humans, other canines, felines, or any combination of the three). She’s fully grown and weighs 54lbs. Email with your completed application or to request an application so we can set up a meet and greet!


Hi! My name is Penny and I need a new home. I’m 7 years old and get along with everyone. I’m good with other dogs, kids, cats, and even chickens! My current home has a grumpy dog that is not happy that I’m around so my mom is trying to find me a safe spot where I can be loved because I’m so sweet. I’m spayed and fully vetted and ready for my new home. I only weigh 45 pounds and am 20 inches tall so I’m definitely not a large dog.. just a medium. You know… couch size! Please contact Margaret DeWitt if you’re interested in meeting me.


Cayce is a loving and dog social young Jack Russell mix who just recently came into the East CAN fold. He is very comfortable in his crate and never makes a peep when he is in one. Right now Cayce is learning simple commands like “sit” very quickly. Cayce is a people pleaser who wants your attention and to make you happy. It’s really great becuase he came to us potty trained and hasn’t had a single accident in the house. Cayce will be receiving vet care and neuter prior to adoption. Email if you’d like to meet him! 


Starbuck 3 Meet Starbuck! She’s a beautiful girl who is about 2 years old. She has a sweet disposition and is being fostered in a house with a few other dogs and doing very well. She’s house trained, responds very well to correction and gets along well with her housemates. Starbuck has been spayed and is up to date on her shots. Starbuck weighs about 60 pounds and is a healthy girl who has a good amount of energy but calms down quickly and easily. Email if you’d like to meet Starbuck and we’ll connect you with her foster family!


max4 Sweet Max is about 6 months old and is such a sweet smart puppy. He knows his name and will come to it. He is almost 100% housebroken but needs to be in his kennel when he is alone. He actually enjoys his kennel at night to sleep in and for a nap or two throughout the day. He loves his chew toys and really loves playing. His forever home will be a home that is filled with love and gentle consistent instruction.  He is a sweet playful smart 33 lbs. puppy that is slowly growing.  He loves other dogs and loves to play chase and wrestle and do all things puppy! He gets along with all people and all dogs. Cats remain a mystery but seeing as how smart he is…if the cat was friendly they would likely get along, and if the cat isn’t friendly, Max would figure that out too.aMax will do great in a home with children or without. However, he shoots out of open doors so precautions to keep him safe are necessary.    He will do well in a home where he is the only dog or a dog in a small pack. Remember, he will shoot out of any open door (he is fast and oh so “puppy curious!”) so make sure that open door leads to a fenced in area. He will need to be leashed trained more but will soon be a good “walker”. Max is a great puppy and will grow into an OUTSTANDING AMAZING smart and loyal dog. Please contact to meet Max or get more information.


pip1 Pippin is a full-size party in a pint-sized body. This nugget has all of the spunk and not too much junk in the trunk at just 25lbs (full grown). This terrier mix hasn’t met a hiking trail she didn’t like. She loves to go on runs with her person, but is also happy to hang out on your favorite local patio while you enjoy time with friends. This little lady was dumped with just a bag of food to keep her company, but she loves cats and other dogs who enjoy play time. She is house, leash, and crate trained, and is just SO MUCH FUN. Email her foster and coordinator Anna at to meet this awesome dog!


penny2 You can call her Penny, or you can call her Penny Party Pants. At least, we do. This adorable puppy hasn’t met a person (big or little), animal, toy, treat, or hiking trail she didn’t like. She is lovable and energetic, and her joy of everything will always keep you entertained and a smile on your face. She is as smart as she is cute. She has excellent recall, and will sit for her reward. She is quite good on the leash and is also crate and house trained. At just four months, she is already a very well-behaved and trained dog, though as with any puppy, she will need continued training to ensure her success as an adult. She lives in a foster home with lots of other dogs and gets to go on adventures daily, including to area schools as a representative of East CAN and all the amazing dogs we have in our program. Unlike most dogs in our program, we actually know mom and dad. A neighbor alerted us to a family who had gotten in way over their head and had 2 litters of puppies as well as 8 adult dogs. We fixed and vetted all the adult dogs and the puppies were surrendered to us. Mom is a Jack Russel mix and dad is a retriever and possibly Basenji mix at 21 and 53 lbs, respectively. Penny is just 8 lbs at 4 months, so it would be a safe guess to say she will be more her mom’s size when full grown. She will have her last puppy booster shot on the 28th of December, then will be fixed and receive yearly vaccinations and her microchip before February 2016. Email with your completed application or to request and application so you can be put on the list to meet Penny. Because puppies tend to get a plethora of interest, an application is required to meet Penny.


scarlett1 Is your active family ready for a new member?   Then you should meet Scarlett! She a ~2 years old, 45lb mix breed with nothing but a sweet, playful personality!  Scarlett was found in East Nashville drinking out of a puddle while very pregnant. She was scooped up by a “pro-active neighbor” and now her life will never be the same.  Scarlett had her pups in her foster home and nursed them all the way until they were old enough to wean.  All of Mama Scarlett’s puppies have since been adopted and now it’s Scarlett’s turn to find her forever home. Scarlett is a very cuddly dog who absolutely loves to play, but has an amazing ability to regulate her energy.  She can go from rambunctious one moment to willing to sit in your lap and be petted the next.  This little girl LOVES toys and is strongly food motivated.  She bonds well with people and loves to be the center of attention.  Her foster mom says she’s “a total ham.”  Scarlett does well in chaotic environments with crowds (think festivals and community events) and wants to be everyone’s friend.   This sweet girl loves people attention!  She does enjoy a good run, but she’s really content with walking, a game of fetch, laying on the deck and cuddling.  Scarlett is completely housebroken, crate trained, up-to-date on all shots, spayed and microchipped.  She would not do well in a house with household with cats.  To make this smart, playful, sweet girl your own, please email with the subject line “Scarlett.”


hunter-1 Hunter has never met a walk he didn’t like. It’s possible he is John Muir reincarnated. He loves to hike, with people and with other dogs. He loves to go on car rides and explore new places. He will go with you on your trip to Kroger or down to Florida for a week of rest and relaxation. He has excellent indoor manners, as long as there NO cats in the house. If you are looking for a happy, social dog, Hunter is the dog for you. He is heartworm positive, so the long runs will have to wait until his treatment is complete. East CAN does cover the cost of this care, and it does not increase the standard adoption fee of $125. A lab mix, he is about 2 years old and is leash, house, and crate trained. If Hunter sounds like the partner you’ve been waiting for, please contact to set up a meeting.


eastcan-13 Omar is a strong boy full of youthful energy and eager to please. He wants nothing more than to be with people, cuddling in your lap or at your feet. He gets along great with other dogs and is a gentle dog at heart (he always lets our girl win at tug o’ war and plays sweetly with the neighbors puppy). Even when he was obviously in pain after his neuter he let people poke and prod him with patience. Omar is very serious about his dinner and if you’re running late he has no qualms in getting his dish and bringing it to you as a reminder! Get out his leash and he will try to walk himself! Best of all- he’s full of smiles (serious smiles)! This is a dog with character who will keep you laughing. Omar is house-trained, relatively good in the kennel (prefers to be with people), and loves spending time sun-bathing in the yard. He needs additional training but is highly food motivated. Omar would do best with an owner who can handle his strength and has the patience to continue his training.

Patsy Cline

eastcan-21 Are you CRAZY about dogs? You’ll FALL TO PIECES about Patsy Cline! Patsy is ready to go WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT as she has recovered very nicely from a broken leg. Patsy is 37lbs of SWEET DREAMS. She is a 3 year old lab/terrier mix. She’s very sweet and playful, definitely a people-loving dog. She would do well in a home with another dog of similar playfulness, or a cat that thinks it is a dog with similar playfulness. She will do better with other animals in the house or a situation where she isn’t left home alone all day. Patsy is available for adoption now, so come on and say,”YOU BELONG TO ME!” Email to set up a meeting with Patsy.


odin1 If a Norse god chose a dog, it would probably be Odin. Brave, sturdy, and with unwavering loyalty, this dog is the dog of legends. He’s a stunning dog with a coat of cream and white socks, and just a hint of a widow’s peak from his Shepard/husky heritage. We do know mom and dad, and they are are sweet, gentle dogs. Dad is a true mutt, but he must have some larger dog in his genetics as Odin is 6 months and already 40lbs.  Our best estimate is that Odin will be roughly 60lbs when full-grown. Odin is fantastic with other dogs, cats, and kids. We’ve worked really hard to properly socialize this litter, so Odin has been to festivals, patios, adoption events, plenty of car rides and hiking adventures. He will be a great partner for an active family, but he does loves his nap time! He is leash/crate/house trained and is fully vaccinated, chipped, and fixed. While as with any puppy, training will be ongoing until at least 1 year old, he has a great foundation and is an amazing dog.  Email with subject “Odin” to set up a meeting with Odin and his foster.


rags car The first thing you’ll notice about Ragnar is how cute he is. The curly tail, the smile, the perfect white socks. The first thing you’ll love about Ragnar is how loyal he is. The first thing you’ll hate about Ragnar is when you have to leave him to go to work. Ragnar is the runt of the Viking Pups litter (Odin and Rambler) so won’t be quite as big as his brothers, maybe around 50/55 lbs. At 6 months, he is leash, house, and crate trained. He’s been well socialized, so enjoys car rides, exploring new places, and going with you to your favorite patio. He really loves other dogs, and would be a great addition to a family who is looking for a second dog or has friends with dogs he can play with. He is good with kids who are familiar with proper behavior around dogs, and doesn’t mind cats. If you’re looking for a well-behaved pup, Ragnar is your guy! Email with subject “Ragnar” to set up a meeting with Ragnar and his foster.


mister1 Mister has been raised with 3 adolescent boys and is an amazing playful and sweet natured companion. He is needing to be rehomed through no fault of his own and he would LOVE to be with other dogs, kids or at least someone who is active with him. He can’t cohabitate with cats and does need a fenced yard. He is only 4 years old, probably weim/hound/great dane mix. Approx 60lbs. Would do great with a running companion, does great on leash walks and is crate trained though he rarely is in there since he has no problem being left alone. His house manners are great but when outside he will excitedly tree every squirrel in your yard! Mister isn’t a barker but will bark if he feels something needs attention. Great in the car and just all around amazing guy in need of a new forever (and hopefully really forever) home! Contact for more information or to schedule and introduction with this prince charming.


image3 Princess, as she is named by her former owners, certainly wasn’t treated as such by them. She was chained to a tree for four years, never vaccinated and never fixed. She was subjected to the weather, insects, irregular feeding, and the advances of other dogs when she was in heat. THAT WAS THEN. This is now! A graduate of Nashville K9 training (at the top pf her class, no less! Check them out at, Princess and her rescuer have worked tirelessly to overcome any reside her former life would leave so she could truly begin her new life with a clean slate. She is now fully vaccinated, fixed, leash/house/crate trained. She is a phenomenal snuggler and will ALWAYS reward you for coming home with abundant tail-wagging and adoring looks. She loves swimming, playing ball, belly rubs, walks, and being where you are. She will never be a dog-park dog, but she can enjoy walks with other well-behaved dogs. She would love to accompany you to a patio for a beer, and will impress everyone with her awesome behavior. Princess is one of those dogs that really needed rescuing. We’re so glad she’s finally gotten a second chance, and we want nothing more than for her to get the forever home she deserves. She’s a 5yr old/45lbs/pittie mix. Please email to see for yourself how amazing she is.


eastcan-9 Marmee, like her namesake in Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, is an excellent caretaker. She and her litter were discovered living in a shed full of discarded household items in February, but her pups are estimated to be 3 months old. Meaning, Marmee fed and protected 6 puppies in the dead of winter, one of the worst Tennessee has had in years. She loves to go on trips and adventures with you, and she’ll do just about anything for a treat and a belly rub. She has excellent house manners and is very good about staying on schedule (potty breaks, bedtime). She loves walks and runs, and chasing a fresh tennis ball at the park. She is calm enough to go to your favorite neighborhood bar/restaurant patio and hang out, or go on a training run through the park. Marmee is fully vaccinated and spayed now and is already undergoing her Heartworm treatment. Keep an eye out for Marmee, and prepare to be awed by her beautiful brindle coat and loving demeanor.


enzo1 There is no sweeter or happier  dog than Enzo. If Disney world was a dog,  he’d be it.   He loves cats,  kids,  dogs,  and humans.  He enjoys walks,  the park,  toys,  sleeping,  playing,  riding in the car,  swimming…you name it,  he probably likes it.  He’s great on a leash,  doesn’t mind the crate,  and is house trained.  Our best guess is he’s a husky/border collie mix. He’s young,  between 8 months and a year.  He likely won’t get any bigger than the 55lbs he is now.  He’s up to date on all shots and is fixed.


jessie1 Jessie is a thoughtful and loving senior soul who has still a lot of pep in her step and unwavering loyalty. She was a loved family pet with children of her very own but in need of a new home due to a family emergency. She is cautious but optimistic and she loves to be scratched behind her ears. She is simply wonderful on a leash and has had NO accidents in her foster home even though she doesn’t care for a crate. Jessie would probably be better as an “only” dog or with a very submissive dog that wouldn’t make her feel threatened. She is generally quiet as a mouse but extremely vigilant of her home and surroundings. She always has a tag wag and a smile for her foster parents and loves to take long naps in her bed.  


ARED3 Meet Red!  When he was a former resident of Nashville Metro Animal Care and Control, he earned the name, Mannered, since he was such a model citizen.  Now everyone calls him Red for short!  Previously, animal control adopted Red to a family with small children and a resident dog, and he did great.  However, the owner’s resident dog made it clear that Red was not welcome, so he is back in foster care.  This poor guy is a great dog who has been bounced around due to no fault of us own.  He deserves a great home where he can be loved and entertain his family with all his clownish antics.  Red is a young adult, and we suspect he is only 2 – 3 years old.  He is past the puppy-stage, but still has a lot of playful energy.  He loves to run, play in water, bury his toys and go for walks…but his favorite thing to do is snuggle with his person.  He does well with other dogs after proper introductions, and backs off if challenged.   However, we think he would do best in a home without cats.  Red is neutered, heartworm negative, up-to-date on vaccinations/prevention and weighs about 50 lbs.  Email us at to set up an introduction to Red!


eastcan-22 Have you ever met a dog that loves everything and everyone? Would you like to? Then you want to meet Zevon. Named for the legendary musician, Zevon is happy to be in the background, he doesn’t have to be the lead singer in the band. He is cat friendly (seriously; he lives with 6 cats!) and dog friendly. He has a wiggle for every person he meets; but be prepared for people to stop you and ask to pet your “beautiful” dog. He is a 2 years old Boston Terrier/Boxer mix that has been fully vetted. He will thrive in a home that is active and has a structured household. Zevon is eager to please and learn; email to set up a meeting with Zevon.


Newfoundland Flat Coat Retriever If there was a movie about Nash, it would be the Karate Kid. Rescued as a puppy from the streets of Clevland Park in East Nashville, Nash has grown into the dog all dogs should aspire to.  Though we didn’t wear the head sash Mr. Miyagi while doing it,we worked really hard to socialize Nash so that he would be a confident, well-ad justed, adaptable dog. And boy, did it work! He was a hit at every event, patio, and sidewalk he graced the last few months. He’s been exposed to the vet, various environments, sounds, smells, people, dogs, cats, pack play, etc. He is fully potty, leash, and crate trained. He was Grasshopper, but the student has become the teacher. I swear, he has made my dogs better! Nash is likely a Newfoundland or Flat Coat Retriever mix. He has a beautiful silky, wavy coat, and sheds very minimally.  He is about 6 months and will be fixed/finish shots within the first two weeks of 2015. He will be BIG. He is about 50 lbs already and shows no sign of slowing down. We estimate he will be at least 80 lbs when full-grown.  Email to set up a meeting with this awesome puppy!  


rambler4 It’s rare to meet a puppy so well-adjusted that you can’t name a bad habit he has. But there is such an anomaly, and that puppy is Rambler. Here’s what you need to know: He’s better looking than David Beckham He’s calmer than Buddha He’s sweeter than sugar He’s more low maintenance than a fish He’s good in the car, at the vet, at a patio, at a park, at your sister’s house full of crazy kids and crazier adults on Thanksgiving. He likes cats and dogs and people and food and the sun and the moon and Netflix. He prefers the floor to any bed. If you’re training for a marathon, he’s not going to be your training partner. He’ll be your loyal companion, your best friend, and your sanity, but he’s not interested in running for hours. A good romp in the back yard or a play session inside and he’s good. And dude loves his crate. So someone worthy of his awesomeness, please apply to adopt this 7 month old, 45lbs, fully vetted, crate/leash/house trained amazing dog. Email with subject “Rambler” with your completed application so we can set you up with a meet and greet. The application is found at the top of this page.


eastcan-3 Our precious boy Gibson lived for the first part of his life on a very short chain with some not so great owners. After many visits by neighbors and Metro Animal Control he was surrendered to the city and they told us about him! Since he came from East Nashville we campaigned for a foster for him so we could help. He was Heartworm positive which means he wouldn’t have been able to be placed up for adoption by Metro. He’s been in foster care for a few months now and has undergone his Heartworm treatment and has now tested negative! He’s a healthy happy boy who loves to be with his foster pack (5 other dogs!) and have cuddle time too. Be looking for him at your local coffee shops and out on the trails! If you’d like to meet this very special boy contact us at for a meet and greet!


Rudy main Meet Rudy!  He is a sweet and playful boy with lots of energy and tons of love.  He was rescued from the streets of East Nashville after being shot in the leg and is now happy and healthy.  He is great with all people, children, and other dogs, but he isn’t so good with cats. He is about 3 years old and weighs in at 48 lbs.  He is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date with all his vetting.  While he is a much-beloved member of his family, Rudy needs to find a new (cat-less) home, and his family is maintaining responsibility for his re-homing. Rudy’s family is asking for a $50 re-homing fee that they will donate to East CAN, and will send Rudy with his crate, bed, toys, and vetting records.  Please contact to meet Rudy!


Amelia Sweet little Amelia is a senior dog who would be perfectly content cuddling and napping all day.  Seriously, she is low maintenance!  A terrier mix coming in at just slightly over 10lbs, she’s easy going and gets along with dogs of all sizes – her foster sisters are larger dogs and love to cuddle her. Little Amelia has 2 fused vertebrate and although doctor’s orders are for her to take it easy (no rough playing, jumping and minimum stairs), that hasn’t slowed her down. Amelia also has some tumors that may be malignant but vets have agreed not to operate given her physical limitations and age. Amelia’s best home will embrace her as she is and be committed to giving her the best time of her life and the love she deserves from here on out. She is a very happy go lucky pup who loves everyone and she doesn’t know she’s sick so when you meet her please don’t mention it. Amelia has all her vaccines, she is housebroken and crate trained.  It will take a special person to see past this little girl’s rough life and give her the proper home she deserves, but we know this person is out there.  If this person could be you, please email with the subject line “Amelia.”


LeRoy-1 LeRoy was left behind after his owners moved. Kind neighbors immediately moved in and rescued LeRoy, his sister Etta, and yardmate Coltrane. We are constantly amazed at how these dogs have moved past their initial situation. LeRoy is dog, cat, and people friendly. He has much personality and is very outgoing; he’s never met a stranger. His ears are expressive and his goofiness will keep you entertained. He’s house, leash, and crate trained. At one year old and 55 lbs, he is fully vetted and fixed; he’s as healthy and happy as can be. If you don’t initially fall for his good looks, when you meet him he will win you over with his character and charm. Email RE: LeRoy to meet him!


etta-1 Etta may have been abandoned by her former owners and left tied to a tree with her brother LeRoy and yardmate Coltrane, but you wouldn’t know it. Not only is she a stunning brindle Shepherd mix, she’s also extremely adaptable to new situations. She is amiable with other dogs, people, and cats. She likes going to your favorite restaurant patio or going for a walk. At just a year old and 50 lbs, she is already learning new commands and takes instructions well. She is leash, house, and crate trained. She is up to date on vaccinations and is fixed. Due to her being chained outside, she has contracted heart worms, but is undergoing treatment. Because of her young age, the vet has no doubt she will recover easily from treatment and live a life unaffected after treatment is complete. East CAN does cover the cost of the treating the existing heart worms. If you’re looking for a sweet, smart, loving, and beautiful dog, email us at RE: Etta to set up a meeting today!


teddy-2 Bio coming soon!

Daisy (Black Pup)

daisypup Daisy (lovingly called Meatball), is an adorable round ball of energy! She loves to play tug, chase her sister May and her foster brother, but will calm down in the evenings for a cuddle and nap. Of the sisters, she is definitely more energetic and adventurous, and loves to find new things to expl0re and play with. Potty training is coming well, as is crate training (so far no accidents in the crate at all!) She enjoys being by your side, and prefers to be able to see you, so if she is going down for a nap, preferably it is in a room where you are so she can relax. She is very food motivated so may need some lessons in not taking from other dogs. She is intrigued by the cat, but understands her place as lower on the pecking order! Daisy has so far received 2 rounds of shots, and the third will be scheduled soon. ​If you want a bundle of joy and energy, with goofy ears, Daisy is the one for you! She may be good for a home with other dogs in order to get her energy out, or with someone who is interested in having a dog to play with.

Chance (AKA ’26’)

26 Chance Chance is a very sweet and kind creature, a real gentle giant.  At approx 3 years old and 70lbs, he loves attention and loves to cuddle. A true companion for sure, he will never leave your side.  He gets along great with every dog that he has met, has no food aggression, is being crate trained and will already house trained. Loves to play fetch and be outside but prefers to be wherever his people are. He would be a great addition to any family. Chance is heartworm negative, up to date on his shots and will be neutered soon. Please contact us to meet this lovable pup.


tea4 Meet Tia Poppins! Tia, Spanish for “aunt” but used as a slang term of endearment between girlfriends. Poppins, because she’s so good with children. Tia makes instant friends. Tia can be a tad hesitant towards males at first but in less than a minute she is giving them kisses. She is fantastic with children. After a nice introduction and some guidelines, Tia is great with other dogs and cats. She enjoys one on one fetch and snuggle sessions. She is potty trained and totally fine in the house when no one is home- no crate necessary. Tia knows her commands and does great with them. She loves to make her people happy by being a good girl. Tia is great on and off the leash. Currently she is living with 2 large breed male dogs and 2 cats. She has spent a good amount of time with a female Doberman as well. Tia will thrive in a house with other animals and children and with a family that is full of love to give. She’s practically perfect in every way, that Tia Poppins.


Pip with straw Pip was a lost dog that was never claimed. He’s a little guy, only 9.5 lbs, that could be easy to overlook, He’s likely about 8 years old but still has plenty of spunk in him. He has received a clean bill of health, other than some dental issues. Pip is shy at first and he is somewhat fearful of strangers. But once he gets to know you, he loves nothing more than snuggling and getting his tummy rubbed. He gets along great with other dogs, as well as cats. He should be in a calm home where he can regain his confidence and joy.


junebug-2 Bio coming soon!


Adopt a dog Subie Subie is a 4 year old male, approx.. 45lbs on a skinny day and after 6 years in the rescue business, the easiest foster I have ever had. He is crated at night and on days when I’m not home, unless the weather is nice enough to hang outside in the safety of his privacy fence. He has become so accustomed to our routine he often puts himself to bed in his crate before I suggest it. Love his toys and can often entertain himself. Subie loves to ride in the car, or the jeep as the case may be and does not yell rudely at bikes or other dogs if we pass by, nor does he wander anxiously around the vehicle while it’s moving. He sits in his seatbelt like a champ or lays down and naps. Subie walks well on a leash with his pinch collar and engages other dogs well if he is introduced correctly and with a human that he trusts. Subie sleeps through the night and though he might often be awake before me he never lets me know. He waits patiently until I get up and let him out. We’ve worked on a few simple tricks and he is very responsive to continued training and correction. We haven’t run in a while but he has been on 6-7 mile runs and probably wouldn’t want to go much beyond that. Subie’s perfect home would include other animals or children and someone who would take him on a nice walk often and in the car to run errands often. He is a very social boy and prefers to not be completely alone for long periods of time. He hasn’t been around cats, that I know of, but his prey drive isn’t dynamic so I think he might enjoy the company of a playful cat. If you want to meet Subie please contact Elizabeth at 615-604-8320.   


Rosalee adoptable dog Rosalee is a sweet 3-4 year old beagle who is looking for a cuddle buddy! She is as sweet as can be and will make a wonderful companion for the person lucky enough to adopt her. Rosalee is a delightful mix of calm and playful and does great with kids, other dogs and cats. She enjoys going on walks and smelling all the wonderful smells around a yard — but her favorite activity is getting a belly rub and feeling loved. Rosalee is crate trained and housebroken. She is finishing up heartworm treatment and is soon to be spayed. Get in touch with us to meet this goofy and loveable girl!


murphy 1 Little did the ladies of East CAN know, as they waited in the lobby of MACC, that the sweetest, friendliest, albeit drooliest gentleman was about to walk into their lives. Yes, that’s Murphy. This big lug was unable to go to the adoption floor at MACC because he was found to be heartworm positive, but he is well on his way to being a healthy boy. He is a stocky guy who weighs in at about 50 pounds and is around 3-years-old. He is house and crate trained and gets along great with other dogs. He is laid back and calm and an all around great pup. If you’re interested in meeting him email with the subject line Murphy. 


lots of dot You know how your cat is always saying “I’d love to get a dog but none of them get along with me” You also know he/she doesn’t mean it at all. Well, time to call their bluff! Meet Dottie, one of those amazing dogs that just isn’t bothered by cats. Honestly! Her foster home has a cat and she’s not interested in the slightest. In fact, she deters her foster dog brother from chasing him. Speaking of, if that weren’t awesome enough, she also loves other dogs. And kids! She’s great in the car and is an overall chill and mellow girl. She has had some puppies…actually, a lot of puppies. There isn’t yet a boobs job for dogs but if there were, Dottie would be first in line. Luckily, being over-bred didn’t cause any medical issues as it’s simply cosmetic. She is a wonderful companion and truly unique in her non-caring about cats, her ability to adapt to new situations, and her genuine love of kids. Contact us today to set up a meeting with Dottie, your cat will (not) thank you! The best guess is she is some sort of boxer/pittie/something mix. She is about 45lbs, 3 years old, fixed, and up to date on shots. She is crate, leash, and house trained. Please contact to meet this sweet girl.


coltrane-3     Looking for love? Look no further! Coltrane is a 1 year old, 45b cuddle bug looking for someone to cozy up to forever. You’d never believe that he was chained up in a yard and abandoned with three other pups by the way he acts. He’s crate trained (although he’d rather spend his time next to you!), house trained, and good on a leash, and he also knows basic commands including sit, off, and leave it. Not to mention that fact that he’s great with kids, dogs, and cats! Coltrane still has plenty of energy as a young dog, so he’d love to go to a forever home where he can spend the day playing with toys, other dogs, and family members, while also going for walks and hikes, and checking out the farmers market, all before cozying up by you in the evening for a marathon Netflix viewing session. Please email East CAN at with the subject line Coltrane today to meet Coltrane and give him the forever home he’d be great for!

Momma Kitty (Black Beauty)

image001 Momma Kitty (Black Beauty) was living in a rough situation and the people whose porch she adopted couldn’t properly provide for her. EastCAN stepped in and has had her fully vetted, microchipped, and spayed. Now all she needs is a forever home. She’s an absolute doll…must see to appreciate her beauty!


Is your active family ready for a new member?   Then you should meet Star!  She is a 3.5 year old, 45lb mix breed with nothing but a sweet, playful personality!  Star and her sister Violet were mainly outside dogs and unfortunately contracted heartworms; however, they have both been treated and are completely cured and ready for adoption!  Star gets along with other dogs and this sweet girl loves people attention!  She does enjoy a good run, but she’s really content with walking, laying on the deck, and cuddling.  Star is housebroken, up-to-date on all shots, has full medical records, and is spayed.  To make this smart, playful, sweet girl your own, please email with the subject line “Star.”

*Malcolm Reynolds*

malcom1 I sent a whole mess of pictures to truly highlight the affection and character of Malcolm Reynolds. He’s 1 and a half years old and his birthday is estimated to be May of 2014. He’s a medium sized, short hair Pitbull/Labrador mix. Possible traces of hound as well. He is roughly 45-50 lbs. and he is all muscle. Very fit and very energetic. He gets along GREAT with other dogs and humans because he is so affectionate and submissive. He will find a way to lick your face and show you just how much he loves you. He’s very smart and follows you wherever you go. All of his vaccinations are up to date and he is both fixed and chipped. Contact to meet Malcolm.


Mom4 My name is Meatball. I melt the hearts of everyone I meet. I am a calm small girl that’s a little over one year old, have been spayed, have had my first round of vaccinations, and have tested negative for Feline FIV/Leukemia. I will follow you around and all I want to do is to fall at your feet to be loved. I return the love right back by sitting in your lap or snuggled up right next to you and will rub against your arms and face. My meow is soft and quiet but my purr motor is always running. I will run to you no matter where I am when I hear the food bag shake or can open. My velvety soft fur is mostly white with one orange spot and two black spots on my back. Don’t even get me started on my amazing striped tail and yellow green eyes. The coloring on my face is very distinct and beautiful because my nose is mostly black with a streak or orange next to it.

Bruce Springsteen

eastcan-27 Our big, sweet, lovable Bruce Springsteen. “When they built him, brother, they broke the mold.” Yes, he was “born in the USA” (we imagine). We have “reason to believe” he is a bernese mountain dog and/or husky mix. He was “stranded in the park” “running for his life at night on them backstreets” until an East CAN volunteer gained his trust and took him in. We soon found this guy wasn’t “born to run.” He adores people and gets along great with other dogs and cats. He is around 3 years old and weighs 75-80 pounds. You don’t have to live in a “mansion on the hill” for Bruce. He is content to just hang out on his bed, play in a yard or the park, and be with his people and maybe some dog friends. If you meet Bruce, we think he’ll “have a hold on you right from the start” and they’ll all be “glory days” with him by your side. Believe us, “he’s the one.”


pitbull adoption Xena is a 2 year old pit bull who is just as energetic as she is friendly! She loves to run about outside, so It would be ideal to have a fenced in yard. She does well with plenty of exercise and is 80% leash/ walking trained. Like most pit bulls, she can seem to be dog selective towards other dogs on a leash or through a fence, she just gets excited! Xena just needs a little patience because she has a lot of potential to be a great life companion! She is currently living with two dogs, and would love the company of other dogs in her re-homing. Pets other than dogs would not be ideal, for example: cats, birds, rabbits, etc. She learns quickly and knows commands like sit, lay, high five, and stay. She is an absolutely beautiful dog and is extremely sweet, ready to love. She is up to date on her vaccines, and spayed.and spayed. You can reach me anytime on my email, or reach me on my cell at 615-887-9848.  Meet *XENA*

May (Brown Pup)

Daisy and May3 May is sweet as can be. She is timid at first, but warms up quickly. She is a little more cautious around other dogs, but has done great with her foster brother. She is definitely a cuddle bug and loves to be held, pet, and snuggled. She and her sister play tug of war, and wrestle, during which her adventurous side can be seen. She is definitely less interested in the cat, but interest is piqued when the other animals think there is something to be seen! She is quiet, sweet, and a great snuggler. May would be great for a single home as she is very calm and would happily be the center of your attention. Crate training and potty training are also going well with this little nugget.


henry0 Meet Henry!  He was found roaming the streets of East Nashville looking for friends.  He was likely a backyard dog, as he had sores where a chain had been embedded into his neck.  He’s a young (about a year) Rottweiler mix with a lots of energy!  He is house trained, kid & dog friendly and is very good in the car.  He’s learning to walk on a leash, and takes direction very well, but he needs training.  He has had all his shots and has been neutered.  Henry is a great dog.  If we didn’t already have three dogs, we’d keep him!

Maddox – Adopted

Maddox sitting If Maddox had 2 legs rather than 4 he’d be someone’s younger brother. He follows you around when you leave the room, and curls up like a cat next to you when you sit down. He would look really bad ass if he were about twice the size, but instead all the girls look at him like he’s just too cute for school, even when he’s wearing his studded collar to try to look a bit older. He loves to please – if you can make him understand what you want, he’ll do it. He doesn’t jump on the sofa, and will ignore an open bag of food for hours until you put it into his bowl. If there is a leash in your hand he sits and waits for you to put it on him. If you leave Maddox alone then when you return he behaves like he really thinks that you had gone for good, that you were never going to come back and that he has spent the whole time contemplating what his solitary life would now look like; How will he open doors without you? Will the seemingly inexhaustible supply of tasty biscuits one day run out? And why is the world so cruel as to take you away? It’s a bit like the TV series ‘Lost’ for him, even though you only went outside to check the mail. However, unlike a younger brother Maddox has absolutely no ego. He’s so laid back that on play dates other dogs get to the point of literally walking into him to get a reaction and he just doesn’t care. If he were standing in a bar holding 4 pints (we’ve all done it – 5 is possible but few will risk it as it relies totally on the friction of the other 4 glasses to keep the one in the middle in the air, and since he’s a dog with no opposable thumbs I think that 4 should be the acceptable canine limit, although I digress…) – and you were the only other person in the bar, and you walked straight into him, knocking all four drinks over his beautiful black coat (with tiny white flecks) and soft white belly he would not only apologise for being in your way, but do it in writing, publish it in the local paper, buy you a round and start a long and deep friendship with you. That said, Maddox doesn’t drink and neither should he. I mention this only for the purpose of illustration. He likes dry food and water. He’s just looking to be loved, and would probably do extremely well with a 4-legged companion. Until he recently lost his girlfriend they went everywhere together, even to the point of choosing to share a crate, so if you have a dog that could do with a buddy, Maddox would be almost any dog’s new best friend.

Trinket – Coonhound

Coonhound Trinket is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, and she completely lives up to her breed description. She is good with other dogs and people. She lives for walks/runs/hikes where she can explore new territories, but equally loves being with her people (belly rubs are a particular favorite). She is smart, fun, and sociable. Her name comes from the breed’s ability to chase animals up trees and actually climb the tree to trap them, meaning they are true hunters so they cannot be left to roam open land. She needs a fence to keep her safe, or her nose can take her far from home. Walkers are bred for copious physical activity, so an active family is a must for both owners and dog to be happy. Trinket is fixed, up to date on vaccines, and chipped. She’s about 3 years old, and around 50lbs. She is crate, leash, and house trained. She will be a great dog for the humans willing to understand and focus her awesome character traits. Email to meet the amazing Trinket today!

Babe – Adopted!

Adopt a boxer mix Hi, my name is Babe and it is quite obvious that I am a boxer mix. From the distinguished, gentle aging of my face it’s clear I am a senior dog. I am looking for my forever home, where I can settle in and enjoy the remaining years of my life. My foster mom says I was wandering around Shelby Park, and when I spotted her walking her dogs I knew if I followed her home she would take me in. I have a very gentle and affectionate nature. I get along very well with other dogs and cats. I am also not intimidated when in the company of children. I spend most of my day laying on my bed, but I’m fully aware that my job is to guard the house. My foster mom has a fenced-in yard and I have a doggie door that I can use whenever I want, which makes my job much easier. I love walks and I get very excited when I see my foster mom getting my leash. It will be music to my ears when I hear someone say “I got you Babe”!”


Frida and Pablo Pablo and his sister Frida were found in Shelby Park but never claimed. They settled in well at their foster but now Frida has been adopted and Pablo is still available. He is a sweet young boy but having a difficult time adjusting without sister. His original abandonement seems to have gotten the best of him so he is fearful and needs a safe, consistent, structured environment to thrive in. He’d probably do best with another well behaved dog that he can learn from while his new family helps build his confidence. Contact us to meet this sweet lonely boy.

Angel Bunny

Angel 4 Angel Bunny has been in the fold a few weeks now. After spending the better part of her 2 years on a chain she is suffering a bit from a few broken vertebrae which causes her to hop like a rabbit. (Contact us to see her video). She is awfully grateful though. Now house trained, crate trained, and hw negative, she is learning to live with other dogs and walk on a leash. She’s a quick learner who wants to please so exercises to teach her who owns the food and who owns the door are going well. Angel’s best home would be indoor with outdoor privileges, be one with a strong leader that can continue to give her consistent structure so she becomes the well- mannered house pet she is destined to be.


Frida and Pablo Frida is adopted, brother Pablo is still available.


Tika2 A message from Tika’s foster mom: “One of the first times I walked my new foster dog, Tika, through my neighborhood, someone yelled out “Beautiful” from a passing pick-up truck. I walked a little taller thinking,”You still got it, girl.” A couple days later a nice young man waiting at a traffic light said “That’s a beautiful dog, ma’am.” That’s when I realized what was, in fact, going on. And it continues, every few days someone will comment on how beautiful Tika is. So if you adopt this brindle-colored dog, you should be prepared for doggy “pawparazzi” — yep, she’s a looker.” We’ll never know the events that led to TIKA being picked up as an underweight stray in rural western Tennessee, but shelter workers quickly recognized that this was A Good Dog and did their best to keep this girl alive, despite low adoption rates. However, after five months in the shelter, those same workers started to wonder if perhaps the caring thing to do for this shelter favorite would be to euthanize her since she was starting to show signs of depression from being kenneled for so long. Days before euthanization, a foster volunteer stepped forward and Tika got spayed instead of euthanized. Tika’s foster parent says two of her best qualities are that she’s smart and has a strong desire to please,”I voice-corrected her once inside and once outside to not scratch on my wooden doors– and she’s never done it again.” In her foster home Tika rebounded quickly from her months in the shelter — she’s a happy, energetic (but not hyper) two-year old dog. Her foster parent reels off a list of Tika’s many great qualities: she doesn’t counter-surf, she waits patiently while I prepare her food, she doesn’t beg at the table. She doesn’t get on the furniture. She’s not afraid of thunder storms; she’ll walk and ‘do her business’ in the rain. She doesn’t eat shoes or destroy my belongings. She’s not a big barker. She does well being bathed. She sleeps through the night in her crate. Has never had an accident. She has no food aggression issues — in short, Tika is not a ‘project dog.’ The worst thing I can say about her is that she’ll sometimes dig in the yard to create a cool place to lie down and I worry that she could inadvertently dig out that way.” American Staffordshires are known for their love of companionship and Tika embodies this quality — she just wants to connect! She’s extremely affectionate and loves interacting with people. As a “beta” dog (with no bad habits!), she’d make an excellent second dog, or she’d be a great companion to someone who works from home or can take her to work. Tika is crate-trained (although she’ll initially whimper if crated during the day) and has done fine up to five hours. Her foster parent adds:”Four times over the past two weeks when I’ve taken her out for a walk, people have yelled from their cars or commentedwhile walking past ‘That’s a good-looking dog.'” In addition to her brindle good looks, Tika’s foster parent has discovered “secret” tricks that she was apparently taught in her previous life: point your fingers at her “pistol-style” and say “bang” and she’ll fall over and play dead. Also, if you dance in front of her, she’ll gently jump up and put her arms around your waist and dance with you. In addition to her impressive temperament, Tika also just completed two weeks of training at Nashville K9 (where the staff declared her one of their favorites), compliments of her foster parent, where she learned to heel, go to her “place,” stay in a sit or down position for extended periods of time, as well as some agility commands. Her time there entitles her to one day free boarding as well as email support for any questions; there’s also a tutorial video to show the skills she learned so that they can be kept up. Tika walks best with a pinch collar (included) and looks forward to her daily exercise (currently: an hour-long walk, plus a game of fetch with a tennis ball in the backyard). Tika does fine with young children, but because of her strong legs (she’ll flail them a little bit when getting a belly rub), might be better suited for older children. She enjoys playing with other dogs, and (per the shelter;she’s not been re-tested) ignored or was gentle with indoor cats. If you’d like to meet Tika, please contact This will connect you with the rescue that is working with Tika.


Adoptable 6 to 8 years Sunny is a sweet, very affectionate older girl (I was told 6-8). She’s super mellow, she barely ever barks and she doesn’t chew or pee or get into stuff when I’m not home. When I am home she rolls over for belly rubs basically every time I walk by. She loves to snuggle up on the couch if you let her, but if not she’s perfectly happy to just sit near you on the floor. She loves to go for walks and sometimes we take her running but she does tire out after a little bit. It would be great for her to have a back yard to frolic in- I don’t take her to the dog park because she can be aggressive toward other dogs. Sunny likes to ride in the car and she loves joining us for walks in the park or at outdoor restaurants. She’s great with people as long as they respect her space and signs of discomfort- “roughhousing” makes her nervous and defensive so I definitely do not think she belongs in a home with children. Sunny would do great with someone who has some training experience and can continue to work with her on building her confidence around strangers- she’s improved so much already! I think Sunny would do best as an only pet- like I said she is usually aggressive toward other dogs at first but with a very careful introduction it may work. She should not be placed in a home with a cat- she always lunges at them on walks! Finally, it would be nice if she could be with someone that could spend a lot of time with her during the day- she’s much happier when someone is home with her.


tuck2 Tuck is the lone boy from the Little Women litter. As with his littermates (like sister May), he is really an amazing puppy. He’s 8 months (photos of him as a little guy are included because he’s just so cute),fixed, vaccinated, and is leash, house, and crate trained. He is smart, fun, and eager to please. This litter has dogs that look like 12 different breeds, so best guess is he is a boxer/hound/pittie/lab mix. He will be on the larger side; likely between 50 and 65 lbs full-grown. We were lucky enough to have found mama and the litter at 3 months, so he was able to learn good behavior from mom and is healthy. He gets along well with dogs and kids, but he doesn’t understand why cats don’t want to play with him. If you want to meet this good lookin’ lover, email RE: Tuck.

Grace – Complimentary Post

Rottweiler Grace is a very sweet and affectionate dog who loves belly rubs!! She is a large Rottweiler (84lbs) estimated to be 1.5 years old and still has lots of energy to play. Grace loves to sleep in most mornings and can be a big couch potato at times. She’s definitely a cuddle monster! She appears to be house trained and has done well while left home alone in a kennel and free within the house. She will need training to learn proper behaviors in addition to basic commands. She knows commands such as sit, stay, shake and no. She walks well on a leash without much pulling, but she will need some training to be an excellent leash walker. We believe Grace would do well living with another dog who could be a playmate for her. She has been submissive to multiple dogs she has been around while being fostered so we believe she would adapt well to another dog in the house. She has also been around a cat briefly and showed a little curiosity by laying at the edge of the bed quietly watching the cat underneath. She will steal food if left on counters or sneak up on you while you’re looking through the fridge! She hasn’t shown any aggression while being fostered, but we would recommend appropriate training to ensure she never shows any aggression (such as with food or toys). While being fostered, she hasn’t been around children. I would imagine she would be okay around children, but I wouldn’t recommend toddlers due to her massive size.

Potato – Complimentary Post

Potato and another dog Potato is a one-year old black and white shepherd mix who weighs around 55lbs. She’s spayed, fully housebroken and loves to go for walks, play fetch, and play with other dogs. She recently went through a dog training bootcamp and is currently working to master her down and stay. Potato would do great in a home with other dogs and/or older children. She’s currently in a home with small children and her affection and playfulness can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to little ones. She’s a sweet, playful, and active dog that would a make a great running or walking partner for someone who likes to get out and exercise. If you’d like to learn more about Potato email  

Ninja – Complimentary Post

Ninja Ninja was found as a stray last December by Hip Donelson group. After the 72 hour hold he was neutered. He’s young, hw negative, UTD on shots and micro chipped. He loves people and children and knows some basic commands. Ninja has displayed some dog aggression issues so he will need to be only pet in the house until he learns to play well with others. Hip Donelson have been boarding him for almost 4 months and cannot afford to keep that up much longer. He’s a good dog who deserves a chance at a good life. We are looking for a home or foster home for Ninja. If you can help please contact Hip Donelson  or 615.378.7389.  Please help Ninja  Thanks

Miss Piggy – Complimentary Post

Miss Piggy3 I’ve named her Miss Piggy because she makes really cute little snorting noises. She is kind and sweet with other dogs and been an absolute delight to have in the house. She hasn’t made a mistake in the house but I have been leaving her in backyard when I’m not home, she just curls up in her bed and is content to chill outside until I get back. Always happy to see me, she follows me around the house asking for hugs and kisses but will also just lay down and chill. The vet said she is between 1.5-2 and I’m paying all vet bills (including spay) and will pay for her first year with new owner. I want to keep her so bad but my travel situation for work will not allow to add a new friend to the family. I will foster her when I am home, I just need help while I am gone until we can find her a forever home. My number is 615.496.8031 and my email is

Big Boy – Complimentary Post

Big Boy1 Big Boy is a young (approximately <1 year), small to medium build, male pit mix looking for a forever home. He is a very happy dog and loves to cuddle and give kisses. Big Boy was raised by a loving family who just didn’t have the means to care for him and keep him out of the elements, so now a friend is fostering him until he can be rehomed. He is neutered, has his rabies shot and DA2PP, and tested negative for heartworms. Big Boy is extremely playful and energetic but also submissive. He does great at the dog park and makes friends with everyone (dogs and humans)! Big Boy needs a home where he is either the sole pet or has an equally energetic doggie playmate who is not too aggressive or too fragile. His attitude towards cats is undetermined at this point – meaning he seems to do well with chill cats who are not afraid of him but wants to chase cats who run. Big Boy is good with kids though he likes to jump. He likes to go on walks mostly doing well on the leash with a little pulling. When taken off the leash on trails, he sticks with his humans and does not run off. Big Boy is almost house broken though he sometimes has accidents with an irregular schedule. Since he is still young, Big Boy likes to chew so he loves his Nyla bones and Kong toys. In general, he is a great dog with a sweet personality who is still a bit of a puppy and could use some good training. He seems to learn quickly, too. Currently, Big Boy resides in his foster mom’s bathroom but It would be great for him to move into a home as soon as possible where he can roam and move about freely. Please email Molly at for more information or to meet Big Boy!

Maggie – Complimentary Post

maggie nashville rescue Wake up Maggie I think I got something to say to you! Maggie is a sweet girl who was found by some good samaritans in Nashville. She is very healthy, very cuddly, potty trained, up to date on shots, spayed, very loving, good with or two dogs and nice to the resident cat (although she is very curious about him… But he lets her know when he doesn’t like it). If you’d like to meet young Maggie please contact Andrew at


This is Harley. He’s a 9 year old Boston Terrier/Pug mix who isn’t very happy about the new baby in the house and his mom and dad want him to be somewhere where he’s the Top Dog! If you’d like to meet Harley, email so we can put you in touch! He’s neutered and chipped.