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Molly – Complimentary Post

Molly Feature Meet Molly!  By no fault of her own, she has to find a new home, ASAP.  Even though Molly has lived happily with her family for quite some time, the landlord has decided no more dogs, and Molly has to go, NOW.  She is 1 1/2 years old and already spayed and crate trained.  She even knows how to sit, shake, and give high-fives!  She is a lab mix with a lot of energy who doesn’t always realize her own strength.  She would love a running partner.  She plays really well with children, and Molly’s human siblings are distraught to lose her.  Molly is also doggie social!  This little lady loves to snuggle and give kisses to her people, and loves meeting visitors (even though they get her really excited).  Molly is about 60 - 65 lbs and nothing but love.  She has the build of a lab, but has more of a Rottweiler neck and shoulders.  She is a gorgeous mix.  Molly is good in the car, but she really wants to be the driver.  Molly also has an impressive vertical leap.  While she hasn’t shown interest in jumping a fence (yet), she will need a strong and tall enclosure.  Molly would be fantastic in a home with older children who understand the difference between dog food and toys and who understand how to properly interact with a dog who really loves people.  If you would like to meet this love-bug, please contact Amanda at or 615-594-8811.  Amanda would love if Molly’s new home could share pictures after the adoption so that her children can see that Molly is ok and adjust to the loss Meet Molly – Complimentary Post


Ajax adopt dog Warm hearted pup looking for his own (heating) pad! And you thought you were sick and tired of the cold! Meet Ajax, a beautiful pit bull mix with a heart as warm as the heating pad he prefers to sleep on. This sweet 4 month old pup is a survivor who was found with his sister Astrid freezing to death in an alleyway as newborns.  He was taken in by the East CAN angels and he and sis were brought to a foster home where they both made a full recovery and grew into amazing pups. Ajax hasn’t forgotten that cold night in December, though, and he has made his preference known for all things warm. That includes a soft couch, heating vents, a sweet lap, his own personal heating pad, and even a nice warm breeze from the hair dryer! Although he enjoys the outdoors, this one is a cuddle bug. He is a wonderful companion for his foster parents and will be a great best friend for his forever family. He is currently in a home with cats and does well, although he does like to chase! He also loves kids and gets very excited when they come to play! Ajax is crate trained, potty trained, and is scheduled to be neutered soon. He is very intelligent and knows how to sit and stay. He loves his toys and is great about chewing those and nothing else! He has also had obedience and socialization training and is doing well but is still getting used to other dogs. Honestly, this sweet boy would probably prefer to be your one and only and will gladly give you all the doggie love and attention you can handle! please email with the subject line “Ajax.” Meet Ajax


Brutus Adopt dog   Brutus has a heart almost as big as his head!  He’s a classic East Nashville Special Breed: a black pittie mix. The vet estimates he’s a couple of years old and is in great health. He’s been fixed, is up to date on shots and monthly flea and heart worm treatment, and he’s heart worm negative! He’s only about 55lbs.  He enjoys daily activity and likes the challenge of learning new tricks, but he’s also content to cuddle or snore on his dog bed. He likes other dogs, but he may be a bit too interested in chasing cats to co-exist peacefully with them. To make this sweet guy your own, please email with the subject line “Brutus.” Meet Brutus


Georgie 3 Male 12 weeks old (puppy) Lab/pit mix Georgie, along with three of his sisters, was surrendered by a family who decided that they weren’t able to give him the care that he needed. His foster mom describes him as very loving, cuddly, coy, cute and a bit shy a first. He loves being with his pack, and he seems to be fine with cats (he’ll chase and want to play but not aggressive). He’s playful, loves toys and wants to be close to his humans. Oh…and he’s VERY smart and learns things very quickly. He’ll be fully vetted and neutered prior to adoption. We anticipate that he’ll be between 40 and 50 lbs fully grown. Please e-mail if you’d like to make this guy a part of your family. Meet Georgie


Sprout 2 Sprout is 11 weeks old and LOVES to snuggle. She gets to come with me to See Spot Eat (a dog bakery and training center) where I work. She does wonderful! She gets well socialized and lots of treats. When at home she does great with her fur foster sister. As far as training goes she is eager to please and has already mastered sit, and down, walks well on a leash, and we are working on more. She is a VERY smart little bundle of joy and will excel at training.  Although she still has a few accidents in the house, potty training gets better and better each day. She likes to play outside during the day, so she would be great for someone who likes to go on walks. At the end of the day she is happy to retire to her crate, where she sleeps through out the night. She is up to date on vetting, and will make a great companion to whoever she ends up calling her family. Meet Sprout


Tug 2 Meet Tug! Followed his Foster Daddy home on a cold night when he lost his family. Heart-breaker handsome and a contagious people pleaser that wants nothing more than to hangout nearby (Although, he won’t turn down pets, ear scratches, friendly pats…) If you smile at him, he actually smiles back! He’s an excellent leash walker, sits when he’s asked, and knows well, ”Time for bed…” (Like any kid, he skulks a bit on the way to his room, because he doesn’t want the fun to stop.)   He’s been friendly to everyone he’s met, but not a jumper. (if you invite him, he will gladly dance with you). And his favorite trick – he gives hugs around the neck (seriously, they’re called Tug Hugs now) – hugs that let you know that no matter what kind of day you’ve had, everything is going to be just fine.  Tug is HW negative, up to date on shots and neutered. Meet Tug


Faith Meet Faith!  Faith was found around Gallatin by the Home Depot and after some coaxing with some wet dog food, came to the volunteers and was immediately taken to the ER Vet.  After a couple of nights there, she went home with a clean bill of health and is now ready to find her forever home.  She is an older lady and loves other animals and kids. Check out her progress, at   If you would like to meet her, please contact Meet Faith


layla002 Layla is very sweet and has a calm demeanor. She is about 2 and ½ years old. She loves to play, go on walks and is a huge cuddle bug. She is terrific in the car and is housebroken. She gets along with her submissive male foster brother. Although she is still going through obedience training (sit, stay, walk next to me etc….) she is doing well. She has been exposed to children at a minimum level but she did great mainly because she loves any human she comes in contact with. We think she would do well in a home where she is the only dog or where there is a more submissive dog already living there. Whoever will adopt this sweet girl will need lots of love and patience. She is improving day by day but still has a ways to go. Meet Layla


Emmett Little Emmett was starving and scared and taking shelter on a porch in East Nashville for a couple of days when neighbors alerted and word got around to pro-active rescuers. Emmett has now been in foster care for a few weeks and is gaining weight and getting strong and healthy for his forever home. He is a mid sized mixed breed about 3 years old. He gets along well with other dogs and loves people too. He has even made friends with his cat foster siblings! Let us know if you’d like to meet Emmett! Meet Emmett

Lily – Adoption Pending

Lily Are there unicorns disguised as dogs? We now have proof! Meet Lily-Belle. She was cold, hungry and homeless running the streets of East Nashville until East C.A.N. took her in. We soon realized that this doggie was more than a show stopping beauty. (People stop their cars and get out to pet her. It happens all the time) She has so many wonderful qualities and no bad habits. Here are a few of her wonderful qualities…1. She doesn’t bark. She has been with her foster for 2 weeks and no one has heard her bark.  2. She doesn’t pull on her leash.  3. She waits by the door until you tell her to go outside. 4. She doesn’t shed. 5. She doesn’t drool.  6. She is happy to sleep at night in her crate. 7. She doesn’t chew stuff up and ruin your furniture like all of her foster-mother’s other dogs have. 8. She is housebroken. 9. She likes other dogs. 10. She loves people and kids. 11. She purrs when you pet her. 12. She is a confidant, calm, mellow and chill little doggie. She would be perfect for a first timer. She also does not have a fear of emotional intimacy so her new family must love to get kisses from this amazing and brilliant little girl. Meet Lily – Adoption Pending

Hadley – Adoption Pending

Hadley 1 Hadley is about 5lbs and loves to play! She and her brothers were found as babies at 6 weeks old trying to take shelter from the cold in mid January. If you have a tennis ball, you will be her best friend. She likes chasing squirrels and rabbits. She is excellent with big and small dogs. Outside she does get cold easily and wants to held. Hadley and cats do get long but she prefers dogs and watching fish. With all her puppy energy (and her small size), she isn’t the best car travelling partner yet, but we think that she’ll be a great co-pilot when she grows up. While she is taking to crate training ok, she would much rather share the bed with you. If you have kids she will love them. Hadley’s mom is only 18 lbs, so we don’t think that Hadley will ever grow to be a large dog. She is as up-to-date with vetting as possible and will be spayed when she is old enough. She is such a sweet girl and loves everyone who she has met. Meet Hadley – Adoption Pending

Coalie – Adoption Pending

Coalie Coalie was found late one Wednesday night on Ellington Parkway with serious injuries and was rushed to emergency. She underwent surgery early the next morning to repair injuries on her two front legs. She is a strong girl who recovered quickly and has also put on much needed weight to get healthy.  Coalie is in a great foster home where she is actively learning the leadership training philosophy and doing really well! She’s also training with her doggy social skills and is thriving with her human foster family. Coalie is a gorgeous American Staffordshire mix and is about 2 years old. She’s Heartworm negative and is soon to be spayed. Contact us at if you’d like to meet Coalie. Meet Coalie – Adoption Pending

Shiloh – Adoption Pending

Shiloh Shiloh, 5 year old shepherd mix. She was found abandoned by her owners at their previous address on Creighton. She was chained outside during the coldest days with no shelter. She is so loving and sweet and quickly learning how to live indoors. She loves to cuddle and hang. She is great with dogs large and small, I do not see her having any issues with cats either. I have not seen any aggressive behavior at all. Health: she is under weight so we are trying to get her heavier. She aside from fleas and dental work( missing tooth and infected tooth) she got a clean bill of health from Dr. Mike at Airport Animal- all thanks to her sponsors. Meet Shiloh – Adoption Pending

Mishka and Nannu – Complimentary Post

photo 1 Meet Mishka and Nannu. They are probably 18 months to 2 years old. One male and one female. They are outside dogs and have been in the fence since birth. Their owner have passed and concerned family members are looking to find them their forever home.  Mishka and Nannu are both fixed and will be up to date on vaccines.  East CAN is not handling their adoption, please contact Mary at to set up a meet and greet! Meet Mishka and Nannu – Complimentary Post

Archie – Complimentary Post

Archie1 Meet Archie!  Archie is an adult (approx. 5 1/2-year-old) collie/chow/golden retriever mix weighing in at about 55lbs.  He is high energy dog, and has the sweetest temperament.  Archie is loved by his mom, and the doggie daycare he visits adores him.  Unfortunately, he is being evicted by the landlord because he has some separation anxiety!  When Archie is alone, he becomes destructive and tries to escape pens and fences.  He needs an owner who can work with him through his anxiety by providing him with a strong enclosure/crate and helping him burn off some mental energy with training.  He knows some commands (sit, down, off, wait, and here), but like many working dogs, he is stubborn.  Archie is not good with unfamiliar cats.  While he has learned to respect cats who visit him frequently, he still needs occasional reminders to leave them alone.  Archie loves going for romps in the woods or walks on-leash and has a very gentle mouth when taking treats.  Archie is a sweet, happy dog who loves being with his person.  He would make a fantastic running partner and companion!  Archie is not an East CAN dog, and is currently located in Summertown, TN.  His mom, Ellen, is maintaining control of his foster and adoption and is willing to travel to surrounding states to find Archie a great home.  Ellen can be reached at or 931-964-4213.  Please contact her if you can foster or adopt Archie! Meet Archie – Complimentary Post

Dixie – Complimentary Post

photo 2 Dixie’s owner passed away and concerned family members are looking to find her forever home.  She is spayed and up to date on all vaccines.  She is about 5 years old and is comfortable outside and inside the home.  She gets along with other dogs.  East CAN is not handling their adoption, please contact Mary at to set up a meet and greet! Meet Dixie – Complimentary Post

Brad – Complimentary Post

Brad Hi! My name is Brad. I like everything rad and to be rad. Get it B-Rad! I was found and never claimed. Can you believe no one was looking for me? Crazy I know! Well, the nice people that found me got me vetted and neutered.  They think I’m about 10 months to a year old and a boxer mix. I’m not a very big boy I’m 40 lbs now. I may fill out to be around 45 lbs. I’m chocolate brown with the cutest white speckled socks. I also have beautiful copper brown eyes. I’m a sweet submissive boy. I love to chew bones, I’m house broken, I sleep great in my crate all night and I love to cuddle. Did I tell you I just love to play? I’m learning how to play fetch now. It’s so fun! I don’t seem to mind cats and I love other dogs. I have also been around kids and like them too. When I see people I wiggle my tail so hard my whole body wags. I am still a puppy so I still have lots of puppy energy. But how can you deny this face. If you are interested in adopting or meeting me please contact my friends at Camp Chaos 37206. Note: Brad is current on his vaccinations (bordetella, rabies, dewormer, flea/tick). Brad is neutered and microchipped. Please email for an application Meet Brad – Complimentary Post

Oakley – Complimentary Post

Oakley Meet Oakley! A sweet, loving, happy and fully energetic 8 month old pup! He is house and crate trained. He knows how to sit, lay, shake and give a high five. He loves people and gets along with other dogs. Oakley is always right there by your side. He loves to cuddle and be the center of attention. He has had all of his vaccines and is in great health. Oakley was very skinny when he was rescued off the streets. He regained his health and loving personality in no time. He did not let his past of being abandoned get him down. Oakley is up to date on vetting and neutered.   To set up a meet and greet, contact Allison at as East CAN is not handling his adoption process. Meet Oakley – Complimentary Post

Monk – Complimentary Post

monk face off Monk was found in Dudley Park last year.  Monk is now potty-trained, crate-trained and knows several commands: sit, wait, eat, down, and stay. His vetting is up to date and he is neutered. He is a sweet , energetic puppy who likes to cuddle. He is approximately 15 months old. He plays well with dogs (both big and small) and children.  Please contact  Deborah for more information or to meet Monk. There is a home visit,  application and rehoming fee required. Meet Monk – Complimentary Post

Rudy – Complimentary Post

Rudy main Meet Rudy!  He is a sweet and playful boy with lots of energy and tons of love.  He was rescued from the streets of East Nashville after being shot in the leg and is now happy and healthy.  He is great with all people, children, and other dogs, but he isn’t so good with cats. He is about 3 years old and weighs in at 48 lbs.  He is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date with all his vetting.  While he is a much-beloved member of his family, Rudy needs to find a new (cat-less) home, and his family is maintaining responsibility for his re-homing. Rudy’s family is asking for a $50 re-homing fee that they will donate to East CAN, and will send Rudy with his crate, bed, toys, and vetting records.  Please contact Ashley (;  615-568-4129) to meet Rudy! Meet Rudy – Complimentary Post

Spencer – Complimentary Post

Spencer 1 Meet Spencer! He is a 50 lbs collie/whippet mix. He is fully house trained, leash trained, neutered and up to date on shots. He is about 5 years old, and is ready for his forever home. He would do best in a home with grown children, and has not been cat tested.  He gets along with the other dog in his current home, but as always, those wishing to add a companion for your dog should prepare for a proper introduction to determine if Spencer will be the right addition to your family. Contact Mike at to get more information on Spencer or to set up a meet and greet. Meet Spencer – Complimentary Post

Gracie – Complimentary Post – Adoption Pending

Gracie 1 Hi, my name is Gracie. I am a terrier/black lab mix and approximately 4 years old. I was found running the streets on a very cold night at the beginning of January when it was only 4 degreees outside. My rescuer cannot keep me because I am 45lbs, which exceeds the limit on her lease.  I really really want a forever home, and I promise I’ll be a good girl. I have been given all of my vaccines, and have been spayed and microchipped. The vets who worked with me can attest to my darling personality and sweet disposition. I am fully crate trained and hardly make a peep all night long.  I’m a champ in the car.  I like to co-pilot, and I’ll be quiet as a mouse if you have to run into the store for a quick errand. I am a very happy and active girl. I would love a home with a fenced in backyard to run around in or a mommy or daddy who will take me on a run to get out some of my energy.  However, even though I love being active, I know the difference between toys and shoes!  I’ll leave your human stuff alone. Because I am so active I tend to overwhelm smaller dogs. I will be best around larger dogs or as an only child.  However, I am really good at ignoring the neighbor’s cat when I’m outside.  I love all people, big and small, but with my size, I would do best in a home with older children. If you think you can be my miracle please contact Emma at She can arrange for you to meet me if you’re interested in fostering me or even better, adopting me! Meet Gracie – Complimentary Post – Adoption Pending

Cuz – Complimentary Post

Cuz Meet Cuz!  He’s a boxer mix and about 90 lbs.  He is up to date on his vaccines and has been neutered.  Cuz is crate trained and learning his manners on a leash. East CAN is not handling his adoption and for a meet and greet, please contact Tommy at Meet Cuz – Complimentary Post

Snoopy – Complimentary Post

photo 4 Snoopy owner passed away and concerned family members are looking to find his forever home.  He is neutered and up to date on all vaccines.  He is about a year old and is comfortable outside and inside the home.  He gets along with other dogs.  East CAN is not handling their adoption, please contact Mary at to set up a meet and greet! Meet Snoopy – Complimentary Post

Scout – Complimentary Post

Scout 1 Meet Scout! She and her two kittens were homeless until some nice people picked her up during the extreme winter weather. Scout’s babies were able to find homes and now she is looking for that special family to call her own! She’s approximately one year old and weighs 7 pounds. She’s small but don’t let her weight fool you; she’s very outgoing, sweet and always ready to play with a toy her scratching pad. She loves to cuddle with her foster parents and even occasionally sneaks a cat nap with her dog-sister, Lily. Scout is spayed and fully vetted and can’t wait to meet you! For a meet and greet, contact Leigh Anne at Meet Scout – Complimentary Post

Molly Complimentary Post

Molly Comp Molly came to us on while we were running at Peeler Park at the end of Neely’s Bend Road. She joined in our pack run immediately and I thought, “she’s coming home with us.” even though I protested loudly at the time. Molly is a brindle Boxer/Pit mix. We were not fans of Pit Bulls before Molly, but her demeanor has won us over. Molly is house broken and about 70% leash trained. She could easily be 100% leash trained with enough exercise. What I mean by that is she pulls, sometimes hard, on her leash rather than walking beside you the entire time. We are working on this and Molly improves daily. Molly is being trained to sit, shake, stay and is coming along nicely with those tasks. She is more obedient, obviously, with exercise. We use Caesar Milan’s techniques to train her in everything we want her to do. We have a forever dog and they wrestle and wrestle often and that helps, but I have to emphasize that Molly needs to be exercised daily. Molly is estimated to be 1 year old or less. Molly has been spayed and has received all of her shots. We try to medicate both dogs with a regular dose of trifexis, and when we don’t have trifexis we give them doses of frontline monthly. Molly is loyal and super sweet. She has an awesome over bite that will melt your heart when she has misbehaved. We would keep her, but we don’t want two dogs. We run 10-15 miles a week, and Molly could use more…or perhaps just a faster pace. She loves to crash on the couch and stair out of the windows. Molly wants to be your friend.  Molly is a complimentary post and East CAN is not handling her adoption.  Please contact Ryan at for a meet and greet! Meet Molly Complimentary Post

Oreo – Complimentary Post

oreo 3 Oreo is a cuddly and spirited dog whose playfulness belies a difficult upbringing. He is a male terrier mix, around 50 pounds, and has been neutered. Oreo’s age is difficult to estimate because, as the first veterinarian who saw him noted “he has body of a puppy but the teeth of an old man.” The vet saw that Oreo’s front teeth have all been ground down to the gums, which he speculated came from him either chewing rocks out of hunger or from gnawing on his chain. The vet’s estimate was that Oreo could be anywhere from 2 to 4 years old. We found Oreo when his 15-foot chain-link lead got tangled in the roots of a rose bush. Amazingly, he had been spotted dragging that chain a week earlier, but even with that impediment, was able to avoid getting caught. He was flea-bitten and mangy, rather skinny, and unfortunately heartworm positive. He was quickly caught up on his vaccines, and the rash was easily cleared up with steroids and antibiotics.  We are working through some skin sensitivities, but they are currently controlled with inexpensive medications. As for the heartworm, the generosity of Dr. Lutz at the West Meade Clinic enabled East CAN to get Oreo started on the arsenic-based treatment, and he has done well, although he needs to avoid excitement or vigorous activity until all the worms have been eradicated. This can be tough, as Oreo’s street background occasionally shine through, as shown by his infatuation with barking at and chasing squirrels, cats, and mailmen.  We expect Oreo to make a full recovery and be able to go back to normal activity in time for the holidays! After the usual introductory period, Oreo gets along well with other dogs, and he’s been living with two dogs twice his size for a few months now. He shows his youth in a desire to tussle and play, so he might not do well with companion dogs that are much smaller than him. He has not been specifically cat tested. The transition from street dog to home dog has gone rather well, despite behavior that indicates that he was likely denied time inside or positive human contact. He has taken to house-breaking like a champ!  We are also working with Oreo’s inclination to be territorial.  After initial suspicion and barking for anyone he doesn’t know, he quickly calms down and is very friendly, especially to children. In the car, Oreo quickly settles down and dozes during car rides. He doesn’t love baths, but once they start, he is obedient and compliant. A fenced yard or strong chain will be needed, as his street instincts can still arise.  He is still learning to reign in his wandering ways and be polite on a leash. Overall, Oreo is an affectionate, loyal dog who has quickly bonded to those he spends significant time around. Oreo loves to snuggle on people’s laps and feet, and is generally sweet-tempered and happy. He will be a loving a loyal companion to anyone who will put in the minimal work to gain his trust and respect.  Please contact John at to meet Oreo! Meet Oreo – Complimentary Post

Bradley – Complimentary Post

Bradley 1 Bradley is a beautiful boy with his lustrous black coat and bright-eyed face; he is a 5 or 6 year old lab mix.  He is a very loving dog; when his human sits on a chair to watch a movie, he comes up, sits beside her and gently lays his head on her leg to get petted. If his human sits on the floor to watch a movie, he loves to lay his head in her lap, roll over on his back and allow his belly to be rubbed. He is obedient, cooperative, and submissive to his humans. The commands he knows are: sit, down, stay, wait, come, heel, and let’s go (for a loose lead walk). He LOVES his favorite toy, a Kong extreme ball. He will play drop, bounce and catch for quite a while. He also loves his antler chew and will chew on it when his humans are around; seems to be a celebration for him that we are home and he is with us. Bradley loves his crate and will often go into it on his own to take a nap.  He will do best in a home where he is the only dog.  He also needs to be somewhere there are no cats. It is best for Bradley if he is with someone who is an experienced dog handler.  Bradley has had lots of professional training and is polite about his food.  He is used to a daily walk so he would be happiest with someone who also enjoys walking and/or running with him on a regular basis. Bradley is a complimentary post and all inquiries should go to Sandi at Meet Bradley – Complimentary Post

Arlo – Complimentary Post

Arlo East CAN More information coming soon Meet Arlo – Complimentary Post

Millie – Adoption Pending

Millie is about 7-10 months old and is being crate trained and potty trained in her foster home.  She gets along really well with other dogs and cats and rides well in the car.  Though she hasn’t been kid tested, she is laid back enough that she could learn if needed.  Millie is only about 30 pounds right now and will probably be full grown at about 45 pounds.  She would love to go to a home with another dog, but she’d be happy to pal around with only humans too.  Contact us at to learn more about Millie or to schedule an intro with this sweet girl! Meet Millie – Adoption Pending

Parker – Adoption Pending

close up Parker Hello, my name is Parker and I am a sweet, smart girl.   I was  hanging out in Shelby Park and saw a real cute guy jogging, so I followed him  around and then all the way to his home, I thought he was the one for me.   But alas, he was not the one, so I am now staying at a foster home in Cleveland  Park.  My foster home has two other dogs and many cats and I get along with  all of them!  I am house trained, enjoy sleeping in my kennel/crate and I  enjoy walking on a leash.  I have been spayed and had my shots.  I am  a mixed breed now weighing about 40 lbs. I am looking for my forever home,  someone to love me forever, I have lots of love to  share. Meet Parker – Adoption Pending

Sassy – Adoption Pending

Sassy1 East CAN was notified that this little girl was raising her four tiny puppies on the porch of a vacant apartment.  The neighbors were calling her Sassy.  We don’t know Sassy and her pups survived that first bitterly cold episode of January, but we were lucky to get Sassy and pups into warm foster homes before the next cold-snap hit.  Once separated from her pups and in a home, her spunky side really came out, and her name started making sense!  Little girl loves to play and drag her toys around the house.  Sassy weighs in at only 18 lbs, and the vet thinks she is under 2 years old.  She is great with her furry foster siblings and loves her people.  She is a little shy at first, but once you get her on your lap, she never wants to get off!  She loves her crate and understands to potty outside. Sassy is up-to-date with vetting and will be spayed as soon as possible.  We can’t wait for you to meet Sassy! Meet Sassy – Adoption Pending

Captain Louie – Adoption Pending

Captain 2 Hi! My name is Captain Louie, and I’m possibly the cutest dog you might  ever meet. I am a 1 year old Doberman Pinscher mix, and have the  sweetest eyes and the happiest tail. I can take a minute to warm up to  strangers, but when I do I promise I’ll love you with everything I have. Even though my family loves me so very much, they are relocating to a big city far away and I’m not going to be able to go with them.  I’d love to find my new forever family before they have to leave. I’m neutered, all my shots are up to date, AND I am completely house trained! I come from a very playful and energetic family so I’m  hoping that my new parents will be similar. I’ve always dreamed of  having a big yard to run around in all day and maybe even having some  furry or not so furry siblings.  I have this cool trick where I match  the energy of those around me. You want to have a relaxing movie night?  Ok! I’ll lay by your feet. You want me to play with your friend’s puppy? That’s fun, too! As long as you promise to love me, I’ll promise to  love you right back. Meet Captain Louie – Adoption Pending

Barney – Adoption Pending

barney2001 copy Barney is such a lovable goofball!  He is a juvenile who is just over a year old, but didn’t have the greatest start to life.  He was skin and bones when he was taken off the streets.  His rescuer found his “home” where he was simply kept on a chain.  Ultimately, his owners refused to continue to care for him.  Now he is in a loving foster home where he gets along great with their 2 dogs and 4 cats…even with temporary foster animals coming in and out of the home!  He is respectful of the kittie’s space, but loves to play with his canine brothers and sisters.  Since being taken into foster care, Barney has been neutered and is up-to-date on his vaccinations. Barney craves direction, attention and love.  He’s a ball of energy who can get very excited by visitors, but quickly calms down with a belly rub.  Barney wants nothing more than to be near his leader and will wait patiently for instruction once he knows what’s being asked of him.  Trying to play fetch with him is hysterical.  He will chase the ball…but only for a second before he runs straight back to his person with those eyes begging for acceptance and love.  There really is something special about this boy, and we can’t wait to see him flourish in a home that gives him the life he deserves.  He will be an amazing companion! Meet Barney – Adoption Pending


1501737_10152074392171311_1020618522_n More Info Coming Soon


Louise Louise is a super sweet, black pocket pit mix found walking along Scott Ave.  We’re guessing she’s about 2 years old and fully grown around 30 pounds (although a bit on the skinny side currently).  She’s quickly picked up on simple commands like “come” and “sit”, and quickly adapted to being crate- and house-trained.  She knows when her foster family goes to work, it’s time to go in her crate and goes into her crate later at night when she’s tired and it’s time for bed.  Louise loves people and loves playing with other dogs, but doesn’t quite pick up on when her foster brother is done playing.  She’d do great in a home by herself or with another dog who likes to play.