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Ms. Dottie, formerly known as Sister, is doing great as a big sister to Barnabee, her foster’s resident dog! We thought it would take some time for them to warm up to each other, but wouldn’t you believe within 1 day they were snuggle buddies! Dottie is a very quiet and calm 4 year old, 50 lb. pup who is full of nothing but love! She is excited to see you when you come home and loves head scratches and hugs, and at times is so happy to have you around she may be a little demanding of attention! Her foster family has been working with her on how to share attention, and she is definitely learning patience! She is great with cats and kiddos; in fact she really doesn’t seem to care there is a cat around at all! And with the foster family’s 5 year old she happily sits for treats and treats her the same as she treats the adults in the home! Dottie and her furry foster brother, Barnabee, do well playing in the backyard chasing each other (made for some dirty mornings with the rain!), but she also knows when she has had enough and is able to alert her playmate in a very calm way. She understands when it is time to go into her crate, but doesn’t like to be left in there for long periods of time. She is calm at bed time and goes straight to her crate, with the door open left open, but she doesn’t roam at all. She is doing well with potty training and had overall been a great houseguest. Her foster parents continue to work with her on basic commands and she is picking them up very quickly. She barks when someone approaches the door, but calms down easily and is very responsive to her foster parents! If you want a loving, sweet, calm dog to come home and snuggle with, this is your gal, as she is perfectly happy lying in your lap for the whole day! Dottie has been fully vetted, is up-to-date on all of her shots and has been spayed. Please contact to meet this sweet girl. Meet Dottie


Adoptable 6 to 8 years Sunny is a sweet, very affectionate older girl (I was told 6-8). She’s super mellow, she barely ever barks and she doesn’t chew or pee or get into stuff when I’m not home. When I am home she rolls over for belly rubs basically every time I walk by. She loves to snuggle up on the couch if you let her, but if not she’s perfectly happy to just sit near you on the floor. She loves to go for walks and sometimes we take her running but she does tire out after a little bit. It would be great for her to have a back yard to frolic in- I don’t take her to the dog park because she can be aggressive toward other dogs. Sunny likes to ride in the car and she loves joining us for walks in the park or at outdoor restaurants. She’s great with people as long as they respect her space and signs of discomfort- “roughhousing” makes her nervous and defensive so I definitely do not think she belongs in a home with children. Sunny would do great with someone who has some training experience and can continue to work with her on building her confidence around strangers- she’s improved so much already! I think Sunny would do best as an only pet- like I said she is usually aggressive toward other dogs at first but with a very careful introduction it may work. She should not be placed in a home with a cat- she always lunges at them on walks! Finally, it would be nice if she could be with someone that could spend a lot of time with her during the day- she’s much happier when someone is home with her. Meet Sunny


Rudy main Meet Rudy!  He is a sweet and playful boy with lots of energy and tons of love.  He was rescued from the streets of East Nashville after being shot in the leg and is now happy and healthy.  He is great with all people, children, and other dogs, but he isn’t so good with cats. He is about 3 years old and weighs in at 48 lbs.  He is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date with all his vetting.  While he is a much-beloved member of his family, Rudy needs to find a new (cat-less) home, and his family is maintaining responsibility for his re-homing. Rudy’s family is asking for a $50 re-homing fee that they will donate to East CAN, and will send Rudy with his crate, bed, toys, and vetting records.  Please contact to meet Rudy! Meet Rudy

Trinket – Coonhound

Coonhound Trinket is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, and she completely lives up to her breed description. She is good with other dogs and people. She lives for walks/runs/hikes where she can explore new territories, but equally loves being with her people (belly rubs are a particular favorite). She is smart, fun, and sociable. Her name comes from the breed’s ability to chase animals up trees and actually climb the tree to trap them, meaning they are true hunters so they cannot be left to roam open land. She needs a fence to keep her safe, or her nose can take her far from home. Walkers are bred for copious physical activity, so an active family is a must for both owners and dog to be happy. Trinket is fixed, up to date on vaccines, and chipped. She’s about 3 years old, and around 50lbs. She is crate, leash, and house trained. She will be a great dog for the humans willing to understand and focus her awesome character traits. Email to meet the amazing Trinket today! Meet Trinket – Coonhound


Maddox sitting If Maddox had 2 legs rather than 4 he’d be someone’s younger brother. He follows you around when you leave the room, and curls up like a cat next to you when you sit down. He would look really bad ass if he were about twice the size, but instead all the girls look at him like he’s just too cute for school, even when he’s wearing his studded collar to try to look a bit older. He loves to please – if you can make him understand what you want, he’ll do it. He doesn’t jump on the sofa, and will ignore an open bag of food for hours until you put it into his bowl. If there is a leash in your hand he sits and waits for you to put it on him. If you leave Maddox alone then when you return he behaves like he really thinks that you had gone for good, that you were never going to come back and that he has spent the whole time contemplating what his solitary life would now look like; How will he open doors without you? Will the seemingly inexhaustible supply of tasty biscuits one day run out? And why is the world so cruel as to take you away? It’s a bit like the TV series ‘Lost’ for him, even though you only went outside to check the mail. However, unlike a younger brother Maddox has absolutely no ego. He’s so laid back that on play dates other dogs get to the point of literally walking into him to get a reaction and he just doesn’t care. If he were standing in a bar holding 4 pints (we’ve all done it – 5 is possible but few will risk it as it relies totally on the friction of the other 4 glasses to keep the one in the middle in the air, and since he’s a dog with no opposable thumbs I think that 4 should be the acceptable canine limit, although I digress…) – and you were the only other person in the bar, and you walked straight into him, knocking all four drinks over his beautiful black coat (with tiny white flecks) and soft white belly he would not only apologise for being in your way, but do it in writing, publish it in the local paper, buy you a round and start a long and deep friendship with you. That said, Maddox doesn’t drink and neither should he. I mention this only for the purpose of illustration. He likes dry food and water. He’s just looking to be loved, and would probably do extremely well with a 4-legged companion. Until he recently lost his girlfriend they went everywhere together, even to the point of choosing to share a crate, so if you have a dog that could do with a buddy, Maddox would be almost any dog’s new best friend. Meet Maddox


murphy 1 Little did the ladies of East CAN know, as they waited in the lobby of MACC, that the sweetest, friendliest, albeit drooliest gentleman was about to walk into their lives. Yes, that’s Murphy. This big lug was unable to go to the adoption floor at MACC because he was found to be heartworm positive, but he is well on his way to being a healthy boy. He is a stocky guy who weighs in at about 50 pounds and is around 3-years-old. He is house and crate trained and gets along great with other dogs. He is laid back and calm and an all around great pup. If you’re interested in meeting him email with the subject line Murphy.  Meet Murphy


Dog for Adoption Is your active family ready for a new member?  Or are you looking for a playmate for a furry family member?  Then you should meet Megan! She a 1 ½ year old, 45lb mix breed with nothing but a sweet, playful personality!  Megan was found in East Nashville drinking out of a puddle while very pregnant. She was scooped up by a “pro-active neighbor” and now her life will never be the same.  Megan had her pups on August 7th in her foster home and nursed them all the way until they were old enough to wean.   Most of Mama Megan’s puppies have since been adopted and now it’s Megan’s turn to find her forever home. Megan is a very cuddly dog who absolutely loves to play, but actually has an amazing ability to regulate her energy.  She can go from rambunctious one moment to willing to sit in your lap and be petted the next.  This little girl LOVES toys and is strongly food motivated.  She bonds well with people and loves to be the center of attention.  Her foster mom says she’s “a total ham” and that she’s never met another dog with this strong of an attribute.  Megan does well in chaotic environments with crowds (think festivals and community events) and wants to be everyone’s friend (dogs and humans alike). Megan is completely housebroken, up-to-date on all shots, spayed and microchipped.  We feel like Megan would be great in a multi dog household, so that she would have built in playmates. She exhibits a fairly strong prey drive which is fun for play, but would be a little worrisome in a household with cats.  To make this smart, playful, sweet girl your own, please email with the subject line “Megan.” Megan's Play Video Meet Megan


Griswold adopt house trained dog Griswold is named for Chevy Chase’s “National Lampoon” character; which he earned after a month-long chase between him and dog lovers of Donelson and East Nashville. He was first spotted looking terrified and running (seemingly) for his life down Gallatin.  Multiple people attempted to catch him, and East CAN received numerous emails and messages about this dog that was running down Gallatin, then Ellington Parkway, then Briley Parkway!  After a month of tracking this dog, someone emailed us that they had seen all the posts and followed the tip that he liked other dogs, but wouldn’t trust people alone. He leashed his dog, walked out and let Gris follow them into their fenced yard.  Gris now is much less dramatic then his beginnings; he’s great on a leash, loves to lay right next to you while you’re working, knows multiple commands, and listens well. He’s low key and while he will do whatever you want to do, he doesn’t require as much exercise as most other Labs do. He has his quirks: he likes to chase flies, he is NOT a fan of cats, and he really likes his rope toy. He is fully house-trained and is great in the house — he stays out of the trash and your shoes! Gris is about 1 year old, is fixed and up to date on shots. He is heartworm negative. His ideal family is one with NO cats and older children (12 and up). Contact us at to set up a meeting with Gris today! Meet Griswold


Adopt a boxer mix Hi, my name is Babe and it is quite obvious that I am a boxer mix. From the distinguished, gentle aging of my face it’s clear I am a senior dog. I am looking for my forever home, where I can settle in and enjoy the remaining years of my life. My foster mom says I was wandering around Shelby Park, and when I spotted her walking her dogs I knew if I followed her home she would take me in. I have a very gentle and affectionate nature. I get along very well with other dogs and cats. I am also not intimidated when in the company of children. I spend most of my day laying on my bed, but I’m fully aware that my job is to guard the house. My foster mom has a fenced-in yard and I have a doggie door that I can use whenever I want, which makes my job much easier. I love walks and I get very excited when I see my foster mom getting my leash. It will be music to my ears when I hear someone say “I got you Babe”!” Meet Babe

Mouse and Josephine – Complimentary Post

Mouse and Josephine Precious sisters need a new home. They are 7 years old, very bonded and have asked to stay together. Chihuahua / Dachshund mixes. Would do well with other dogs. Paper potty trained but would prefer to have a fenced back yard with outside privileges. For the holidays this year Mouse and Josephine are hoping for the home they deserve with lots of love and attention for the rest of their little lives! Currently living in East Nashville. References and home visit required. Contact Connie at 615-383-7993 to schedule a meet and greet.   Meet Mouse and Josephine – Complimentary Post

Willie Nelson – Complimentary Post

Adopt Willie Nelson Willie Nelson is originally from Love at First Sight (infant animal rescue in Sylvan Park) but is too old to return to the program at 7 months. Weight: 35-40 lbs Expected weight: 50-60 lbs Kid experience: sweet with kids, no aggression, but still too much puppy for younger children Cat exposure: None Fixed, up to date on shots He’s sweet and handsome, and loves to curl up with a person or in his dog bed. He graduated from puppy training program at Murphy Road Animal Hospital, is pretty well housebroken and knows “sit,” but he still has some puppy immaturity (like jumping when excited) that could be corrected with continued training. His current mom is devastated that her job has changed in a way that makes it impossible to give the time and attention Wille needs, but she also knows it would be selfish to keep him for herself when he can have the chance to find a family that’s right for him. He enjoys playing with other dogs and will require an active owner. To meet Willie Nelson, please email Dave (owner’s son) at willienelsonphotos Adopt Willie Nelson Meet Willie Nelson – Complimentary Post

Scout – Complimentary Post

Scout 1 Meet Scout! She and her two kittens were homeless until some nice people picked her up during the extreme winter weather. Scout’s babies were able to find homes and now she is looking for that special family to call her own! She’s approximately one year old and weighs 7 pounds. She’s small but don’t let her weight fool you; she’s very outgoing, sweet and always ready to play with a toy her scratching pad. She loves to cuddle with her foster parents and even occasionally sneaks a cat nap with her dog-sister, Lily. Scout is spayed and fully vetted and can’t wait to meet you! For a meet and greet, contact Leigh Anne at Meet Scout – Complimentary Post

Rex – Complimentary Post

German Shepherd dog Meet Rex! He’s a gorgeous German Shepherd (with a touch of mystery mutt) who was found in East Nashville and rescued by a good samaritan. Our wonderful friends at Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue have taken Rex in and had him fully vetted and treated for heart worm. Rex has that so very Shepherd look of concern on his face that makes you fall in love. Rex would do best in a home with someone experienced with Shepherds and who can be a good leader for him.  Email:   Phone:  615.218.6478 Meet Rex – Complimentary Post

Reba – Complimentary Post

Reba Adopt a dog Meet Reba!  This medium-sized love-bug (25 – 30 lbs & about 8 years old) just want to be with her people!  As long as she has opportunities for exercise, she does great whether in a house or an apartment.  She has some prey drive, so she is not recommended for a home with cats, but her dad says that she is an expert mole and snake killer!  While Reba gets along great with one of her current doggie siblings, she doesn’t get along with the other.  Therefore, Reba is also not recommended for a home with other dogs or small children.  Reba loves people and does great in the car, on leash, and in the bath.  She will bark to let you know when she is unhappy (typically when she is separated from her people).  This cuddly girl is goofy, active, and wants your attention at all times.  While she can be anxious in some situations, she looks to her person for guidance and to build her confidence.  Reba is spayed, up-to-date on all vaccines and heartworm/flea/tick prevention.  Please contact Matt at to meet Reba!   Meet Reba – Complimentary Post

XENA – Complimentary Post

pitbull adoption Xena is a 2 year old pit bull who is just as energetic as she is friendly! She loves to run about outside, so It would be ideal to have a fenced in yard. She does well with plenty of exercise and is 80% leash/ walking trained. Like most pit bulls, she can seem to be dog selective towards other dogs on a leash or through a fence, she just gets excited! Xena just needs a little patience because she has a lot of potential to be a great life companion! She is currently living with two dogs, and would love the company of other dogs in her re-homing. Pets other than dogs would not be ideal, for example: cats, birds, rabbits, etc. She learns quickly and knows commands like sit, lay, high five, and stay. She is an absolutely beautiful dog and is extremely sweet, ready to love. She is up to date on her vaccines, and spayed.and spayed. You can reach me anytime on my email, or reach me on my cell at 615-887-9848.  Meet XENA – Complimentary Post

Molly – Complimentary Post

Pitbull Mix Adopt Molly is a 3-year old pit mix who is full of love and in need of a home. After living life on a chain and being used for breeding, Molly was abandoned at an emergency clinic when she was pregnant. Her owners wanted Molly euthanized because they didn’t want to pay for treatment. The vet tried to save her puppies but none of them survived. A kind soul rescued Molly and is trying to give her a chance to find a family that will love her back. Molly is loving, cuddly, sweet and laid-back. She has had intensive professional training and per her trainer, Molly is a very adoptable dog who will provide her owner/owners with years of special memories and lots of love. She’s good with other dogs who are larger, and would do best in a cat-free home. She’s also good with kids. For more information, email Meet Molly – Complimentary Post

Molly Complimentary Post

Molly Comp Molly came to us on while we were running at Peeler Park at the end of Neely’s Bend Road. She joined in our pack run immediately and I thought, “she’s coming home with us.” even though I protested loudly at the time. Molly is a brindle Boxer/Pit mix. We were not fans of Pit Bulls before Molly, but her demeanor has won us over. Molly is house broken and about 70% leash trained. She could easily be 100% leash trained with enough exercise. What I mean by that is she pulls, sometimes hard, on her leash rather than walking beside you the entire time. We are working on this and Molly improves daily. Molly is being trained to sit, shake, stay and is coming along nicely with those tasks. She is more obedient, obviously, with exercise. We use Caesar Milan’s techniques to train her in everything we want her to do. We have a forever dog and they wrestle and wrestle often and that helps, but I have to emphasize that Molly needs to be exercised daily. Molly is estimated to be 1 year old or less. Molly has been spayed and has received all of her shots. We try to medicate both dogs with a regular dose of trifexis, and when we don’t have trifexis we give them doses of frontline monthly. Molly is loyal and super sweet. She has an awesome over bite that will melt your heart when she has misbehaved. We would keep her, but we don’t want two dogs. We run 10-15 miles a week, and Molly could use more…or perhaps just a faster pace. She loves to crash on the couch and stair out of the windows. Molly wants to be your friend.  Molly is a complimentary post and East CAN is not handling her adoption.  Please contact Ryan at for a meet and greet! Meet Molly Complimentary Post

Cuz – Complimentary Post

Cuz Meet Cuz!  He’s a boxer mix and about 90 lbs.  He is up to date on his vaccines and has been neutered.  Cuz is crate trained and learning his manners on a leash. East CAN is not handling his adoption and for a meet and greet, please contact Tommy at Meet Cuz – Complimentary Post

Bradley – Complimentary Post

Bradley 1 Bradley is a beautiful boy with his lustrous black coat and bright-eyed face; he is a 5 or 6 year old lab mix.  He is a very loving dog; when his human sits on a chair to watch a movie, he comes up, sits beside her and gently lays his head on her leg to get petted. If his human sits on the floor to watch a movie, he loves to lay his head in her lap, roll over on his back and allow his belly to be rubbed. He is obedient, cooperative, and submissive to his humans. The commands he knows are: sit, down, stay, wait, come, heel, and let’s go (for a loose lead walk). He LOVES his favorite toy, a Kong extreme ball. He will play drop, bounce and catch for quite a while. He also loves his antler chew and will chew on it when his humans are around; seems to be a celebration for him that we are home and he is with us. Bradley loves his crate and will often go into it on his own to take a nap.  He will do best in a home where he is the only dog.  He also needs to be somewhere there are no cats. It is best for Bradley if he is with someone who is an experienced dog handler.  Bradley has had lots of professional training and is polite about his food.  He is used to a daily walk so he would be happiest with someone who also enjoys walking and/or running with him on a regular basis. Bradley is a complimentary post and all inquiries should go to Sandi at Meet Bradley – Complimentary Post

Tug – Adoption Pending

adopt a black boxer Meet Tug! Followed his Foster Daddy home on a cold night when he lost his family. Heart-breaker handsome and a contagious people pleaser that wants nothing more than to hangout nearby (Although, he won’t turn down pets, ear scratches, friendly pats…) If you smile at him, he actually smiles back! He’s an excellent leash walker, sits when he’s asked, and knows well, ”Time for bed…” (Like any kid, he skulks a bit on the way to his room, because he doesn’t want the fun to stop.) He’s been friendly to everyone he’s met, but not a jumper. (if you invite him, he will gladly dance with you). And his favorite trick – he gives hugs around the neck (seriously, they’re called Tug Hugs now) – hugs that let you know that no matter what kind of day you’ve had, everything is going to be just fine.  Tug is HW negative, up to date on shots and neutered. Tug prefers to play with bigger kids. Meet Tug – Adoption Pending

Subie – Adoption Pending

Adopt a dog Subie Subie is a 4 year old male, approx.. 45lbs on a skinny day and after 6 years in the rescue business, the easiest foster I have ever had. He is crated at night and on days when I’m not home, unless the weather is nice enough to hang outside in the safety of his privacy fence. He has become so accustomed to our routine he often puts himself to bed in his crate before I suggest it. Love his toys and can often entertain himself. Subie loves to ride in the car, or the jeep as the case may be and does not yell rudely at bikes or other dogs if we pass by, nor does he wander anxiously around the vehicle while it’s moving. He sits in his seatbelt like a champ or lays down and naps. Subie walks well on a leash with his pinch collar and engages other dogs well if he is introduced correctly and with a human that he trusts. Subie sleeps through the night and though he might often be awake before me he never lets me know. He waits patiently until I get up and let him out. We’ve worked on a few simple tricks and he is very responsive to continued training and correction. We haven’t run in a while but he has been on 6-7 mile runs and probably wouldn’t want to go much beyond that. Subie’s perfect home would include other animals or children and someone who would take him on a nice walk often and in the car to run errands often. He is a very social boy and prefers to not be completely alone for long periods of time. He hasn’t been around cats, that I know of, but his prey drive isn’t dynamic so I think he might enjoy the company of a playful cat. If you want to meet Subie please contact Elizabeth at 615-604-8320.    Meet Subie – Adoption Pending

Rosalee – Adoption Pending

Rosalee adoptable dog Rosalee is a sweet 3-4 year old beagle who is looking for a cuddle buddy! She is as sweet as can be and will make a wonderful companion for the person lucky enough to adopt her. Rosalee is a delightful mix of calm and playful and does great with kids, other dogs and cats. She enjoys going on walks and smelling all the wonderful smells around a yard — but her favorite activity is getting a belly rub and feeling loved. Rosalee is crate trained and housebroken. She is finishing up heartworm treatment and is soon to be spayed. Get in touch with us to meet this goofy and loveable girl! Meet Rosalee – Adoption Pending

Finley Von Bowser (Hadley) – Adoption Pending!

Terrier Jack Russell mix Cairn terrier/Jack Russell mix. 11 pounds, 11 mos old. Crate trained. Potty trained. Loves to fetch. Full of life and energy but also loves to cuddle and relax. Very good with children. Enjoys playing with other dogs. Does well around cats after some time to adjust. Walks well on a leash. Is a road trip queen. Fully vetted. Meet Finley Von Bowser (Hadley) – Adoption Pending!


Archie1 Meet Archie!  Archie is an adult (approx. 5 1/2-year-old) collie/chow/golden retriever mix weighing in at about 55lbs.  He is high energy dog, and has the sweetest temperament.  Archie is loved by his mom, and the doggie daycare he visits adores him.  Unfortunately, he is being evicted by the landlord because he has some separation anxiety!  When Archie is alone, he becomes destructive and tries to escape pens and fences.  He needs an owner who can work with him through his anxiety by providing him with a strong enclosure/crate and helping him burn off some mental energy with training.  He knows some commands (sit, down, off, wait, and here), but like many working dogs, he is stubborn.  Archie is not good with unfamiliar cats.  While he has learned to respect cats who visit him frequently, he still needs occasional reminders to leave them alone.  Archie loves going for romps in the woods or walks on-leash and has a very gentle mouth when taking treats.  Archie is a sweet, happy dog who loves being with his person.  He would make a fantastic running partner and companion!  Archie is not an East CAN dog, and is currently located in Summertown, TN.  His mom, Ellen, is maintaining control of his foster and adoption and is willing to travel to surrounding states to find Archie a great home.  Ellen can be reached at or 931-964-4213.  Please contact her if you can foster or adopt Archie!


Adopt Blue Small black dog Little boy Blue was surrendered to East CAN along with a few of his brothers and sisters in late May 2014. Blue is about 4-5 months old. While he is young and new to an in-home life, the common feedback across Blue’s foster parents and foster sitter over a long holiday weekend is that he is one smart cookie! Blue is a playful pup, but after he’s all played out he loves to cuddle. Blue has been dog,cat and child tested, which is something that is not always possible depending on the foster home. The good news is that he’s great with all three! Continue reading


China Adopt a Dog It had been pouring rain on a cold December 2012 day when a friend and fellow animal advocate suggested we check out a house where a tied up dog was in serious need of proper shelter. We drove by and you could see the multiple gaping holes in the roof of the poor dog's current dog house knowing it was getting soaked and freezing in the December rain. Several days later we delivered a doghouse and hay to provide to a little tan/white dog tied to a front yard tree. She belly crawled over to greet us with her piglet like grunts. Continue reading