Support East CAN when you shop online with Amazon


Support East CAN with your Amazon orders! East CAN receives a small commission (with no extra cost to you!) each time you use our website to purchase items through Amazon. This helps us provide food, vet services, and other expenses related to the rescue of East Nashville’s homeless cats and dogs.

It’s easy to do! Just use the SHOP NOW link below to find what you are looking for at And when you purchase any item from Amazon by going through us, we will receive a small commission which goes directly to the care of our rescued pets. Thanks for your support!


6 thoughts on “Support East CAN when you shop online with Amazon

  1. Is this only for cyber monday and on pet supplies? or can you buy anything such as books or other items from Amazon and still contribute that way?

    • You can use this link to shop at Amazon at any time, on any day! East CAN will benefit from ALL your purchases, whether pet related or not. Thank you!

    • unfortunately, no. but hopefully you’ll remember us next time! try bookmarking the page or saving it to your favorites. thanks!

  2. Please let us know if this is still a way to help(when we shop at Amazon, EAST CAN receives a small % of the $). THANK YOU for helping!

    • Hi!
      Thanks for helping us! We haven’t been notified whether we are still receiving a portion of the Amazon shopping. We have been transitioning from one 501c3 (non profit) organization to creating our own 501c3 status. We’ll post an update when we receive our new status and can confirm. Thanks!

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